What did you get for Father's Day?

I got this most amazing Smoothie Maker. It works perfectly, it’s fun and easy. My daughter and her pal just cut up strawberries and bananas, and we’re now enjoying a cool treat.

I also got a heated vibrating seat cover for the office chair, to ease my aches and pains.

So, what’d you get?


Not what I got, but what I gave:
I got one of those nifty (expensive) frame sets, where one side is for a picture and the other for an imprint, in this case, of The Cutest Baby Ever ™’s foot.
We spend a lot of time admiring the baby toes, so I figured an enduring imprint o them was in order.

Forgot to add: last year’s gift (while baby was still in utero) was a pair of baby pajamas that say "I (heart) Dad!) all over them. The picture for the frame will feature her in those, of course.

A nice book on etymology and another on tv trivia. Mmmmm–books!


(Oh, and I’m not a father.)

$20 worth of tokens from the local game room.

Young Tiger, in a fit of generosity that still has Papa Tiger (his stepfather, and often resented over the years) utterly flummoxed, gave him not one but TWO tasteful, expensive shirts for work. Lovely quality, colors, etc.

Actually, I’m as stunned as he is. Think the kid is finally starting to like him? It sure made his best Father’s Day ever!

I got my dad a plush cuttlefish.

He likes cuttlefish–in fact, they are one of his favorite things. I saw it at F.A.O. Schwartz and had to get it.

I got a handmade card from our son, a backrest for the motorcycle, a Spongebob tie, monogramed hankies and a Geo Trumper safety razor.

The running joke for us that mom gets diamonds and dad gets razors. You know the commercials. “Show mom you love her with a diamond necklace”. “Show dad you are tired of his slovenly ways and get him a new Sensor, then if he cleans up his act he won’t have to buy mom diamonds”.

That razor is the best gift I’ve received in a long time. I have a lot of safety razors, but this thing is incredible.

I got a hand made card from my youngest (he’s five), slipped into my bed before I woke up in the morning. It was a couple of Dragon Ball Z stickers (or maybe Yu-Gi-Oh!) on a green piece of construction paper with his signature. Then we all went to the zoo for the morning. I got my daughter’s card, which featured different drawings of our family as cats (driving in the car, making silly faces, me cooking good things for them) for lunch, which was (partially) paid for by my daughter’s certificates for free lunch at a local pizza place, which she received for doing well in certain subjects at school (she’s seven). We then did some shopping and noshing together, before heading home. They, mostly my wife and daughter, made me Tuscan chicken, which is chicken in red wine with shallots, olives, capers and celery. It’s delicious and one of my favorite meals. The meal was accompanied by a nice loaf of Ciabatta and a nice but inexpensive red zinfandel. My daughter insisted that everyone dress nicely and we sit in the formal dining room, with candles and tablecloth. I’m sure the boy helped somehow with dinner as well, maybe setting the table. At dinner I got a card that was made by my wife.

Easily the best Father’s day I’ve had so far.


(swells with pride)

My dad got a 12-DVD set of one his favorite TV shows from when he was a kid in Poland. Subtitled in English, so his girlfriend can watch it too. He was SO happy, and now he keeps calling me and telling me about all the episodes he’s watched so far.

Also, his favorite band ever, Dzem, were performing that day, and we went to see them. I gave him his present there, in front of all his friends. They were jealous.


mrs beagledave got me the latest Dennis Lehane novel.

BabyMaeve got me a cool Guinness calendar/wall-hanging thing-a-ma-bob.