What did you get for Fathers Day?

My daughter Anya (13 months) is the coolest! First, she (with Mommy’s help) surprised me with a fun PowerPoint presentation.

Then, they brought me into the bedroom and there was a packed bag. She got us a hotel room in Waikiki for the evening! Forget that my home is 30 minutes from Waikiki, it really felt like I was getting away from it all for the weekend.

Plus, a very nice hotel was selected.

Fathers Day card

Waikiki Getaway

What did you do/get?

A couple of homemade cards with a hammer-beads picture on the front of each, a slice of tongue pie from the Mrs for not wanting any lunch, and an instruction not to eat the ham sandwiches at teatime because F-i-L doesn’t like egg and tomato.

I tell you, I rule the Mal household with an iron hand. :rolleyes:

A Tamron Telephoto 70-300mm f/4-5.6 LD Macro 1:2 Autofocus Zoom Lens.

  1. Homemade card from 6-year-old.
  2. Handprint in modeling clay from 2-year-old.
  3. Adirondack chair from the Ensemble.
  4. Fluffy white male kitten from the Ensemble.

Busy weekend.

  1. Hand made cards from both my kids
  2. Modern artsy salt/pepper shakers in brushed stainless steel. Very cool.
  3. A bike bag.
  4. My very good friend let me borrow her Lotus Elise to drive all day and I took my kids for long rides (individually). I’m now officially the coolest dad, like evah!
  5. Celebrated my daughter’s birthday at the rock climbing gym (her party for her friends).
  6. My ex’s live in boyfriend (and adult son) came to the party and couldn’t get off the ground at the gym while I practiced by Campusing technique (hands only climbing) on an overhang, and that really irritated my ex to no end.

Good day. :cool:

(yeah… sometimes I’m like 12 y.o.) :smiley:

My son, actually.

He moved up here from Austin over the weekend.

-homemade cards from my daughters (2 & 4)
-a really sweet card from my wife
-a day lazing around the house in the A/C (it was too darn hot outside to do much else)
-bought a kiddie pool & watched my 3 loves of my life play in it while I sat alongside & counted my blessings
-some quality “alone time” with my wife during the kids’ naps
-dinner out at a restaurant
-a couple good beers

All in all, a perfect Father’s Day.

You win, I think.

From my son, I got permission to use his game PC to play D&D Online all day long.

From my wife, I got permission to play D&D online all day long.

I got a nifty wireless mouse.

My daughter gave it to me and screached,
“It’s got no wires…NO WIRES!” :eek:

I can’t decide if it’s scary or way cool that she’s already this geeky at 8 years old…

I’m gonna go with WAY COOL! :cool:


Well, if it’s got no wires, it’s not really a mouse, then, is it? More like a turtle. Or a hedgehog.

Oh it’s a mouse all right - it just needs to learn not to f*@k with the farmer’s wife, that bitch is crazy! :smiley:

My wife decided to go off to work to get some things done, and then stayed there. I got to stay at home and take care of the kids while trying to entertain company.

I realize I forgot to mention she had told both me and the kids she would take them and spend the day with them - something she doesn’t do as often as she would like.

Good stuff,

A breakfast with the 6 year old acting as the waitress.
A few handmade cards from the three children.
They all made the placemats that we used for breakfast (11X17 stock printer paper with drawings on them).
A Joe Rocket Ballistic Jacket for the motorcycle. Very Cool!

Then later, I went out to my Pa’s house and took him out to dinner along with my Brother.

The Breakfast arrangement brought tears to my eyes, the stinkin’ wife really sapped it up with the different stuff the kids made and then she had Butterfly Kisses playing in the background. Damnit. If you haven’t heard the song, take a listen sometime, if you have a daughter (or two) it’ll melt you.
Really, it was wonderful.

My oldest son was home over the weekend from North Carolina – he was best man in a wedding Saturday, spent Sunday and Monday with us. I’ve been fussing over a problem with building a retaining wall on our property for about two months – he surveyed the situation, gave me a couple of tips, we got half the foundation row laid in one morning. It was a fantastic Father’s Day gift.

Our youngest sent me a computer game based on the Civil War, the War of 1812 and another war I can’t remember right now. It’s a fantastic gift, since I’m a Civil War buff and have always wanted to re-fight the Battle of Gettysburg with knowledge Lee didn’t have. But, now I have to wait until I get a computer that will handle the game.

I gave my father “the gift of time,” including a coffee outing at least twice a month, 40 hours of my labor on anything he wants to work on, and weekly updates on his grandsons. He said he’d hold me to it.

I got some beer from France and a hand print from my four month old in some plaster of paris that they did in day care.