What did you look like in high school?

Preferably, post your senior photo. Next in preference would be your yearbook photo from a different year. If you don’t have that, then just post any photo of yourself from high school. :slight_smile:

For me it was the '80s, so I looked pretty ridiculous. This is not the yearbook photo, but it is from the same photo session as my yearbook photo. If I find my actual yearbook picture I’ll post it later.
Oooh yeah that’s some '80s hair right there

Here’s my senior photo. Just for poops and giggles, here’s my senior prom photo, taken at his house. Know that I’m 5’9". We made an intimidating couple, tall and dark in a sea of electric blues and pinks.

Fabulous. Just fabulous.

Wow, this is a board full of hotties.

A couple of years ago I was looking through my parents’ old photo albums. Damn, I was a stud muffin back then! Nothing to scan or show you guys though, as all of those photos are 1000 miles away.

My sister looked like a gumdrop, what with the Dorothy Hamill hairdo. She’s definitely improved with age.

Oh never mind. Sorry. Maybe later.

I don’t have my senior photo scanned, but here’s my prom photo, which is actually 1991, but that was still the 80’s and I looked the same anyway. Pastels were over by then and every single one of us wore black and jewel tones.

I was no good at hairspray, therefore no wall o’ bangs, but I had a perm even though my hair is naturally curly!

I still have this sweater. That’s my senior photo from 1977.

Here I am.

There’s some more pictures of a later me, I got on a bit of a roll and hated to quit.

Ok, it’s been a while since I shared the photo of this studly Class of 1972 graduate. :smiley:

Eighteen. I’m in blue and my stonewarshed denim.

I was sixteen in this picture.

back a little further: http://www.flickr.com/photos/bellabrigido/4544766074/
I was thirteen there.

Hey! I had that skirt too!

And me.

Here’s my Sr. yearbook pic.

After all night in curlers and tons of hairspray, these curlsturned to strings shortly after the picture was taken. The colors are less than accurate - the necklace was a crystal heart, and my eyes are hazel. Plus they erased the moles on my cheek. Oh well…

Wow don’t have any pics to share but must agree with tdn about the attractiveness of the board members. also Misstake how tall was coolbreeze the there? Yikes!! you 5’ 9" he must be some sort of giant,in a good way of course. :slight_smile:

I’m guessing you were born in 1970(ish) because that picture could have been me. The hat, the hair, the sweater, the Duran Duran pics on the wall…so me!

Here’s me at 17 in 1987.

This is fun, here’s my contribution:
Senior portrait, (taken 1992, class of 1993)
Senior prom, 1993 - purple sequin dress!
Homecoming 1992, senior year (more purple sequins)
Junior class portrait
Homecoming 1991, junior year, me on far right (purple suede!)
Sophomore class portrait
Freshman class portrait (big hair!)
8th grade “prom” 1989 (me in middle)

This is my junior prom, so it would have been 1975.

I was so happy to have a prom dress that wasn’t a hand-me-down from one of my older sisters – and a Gunne Sax, no less! I would have been hot shit if it weren’t for the fugly glasses. Huge frames were all the rage, but they hadn’t made it to WV yet, so the closest I could get was men’s oversized aviator frames.

Junior year: a classic 1985 slacker.

^^ Dude, your pupils are HUGE.
freckafree: love your date’s yellow ruffles !
nyctea: You like purple, huh?