What did you name your private parts?

Really a two parter:

Mister Happy
The Bambino
Wee Willie Winky
Master P
What have you named your favorite body part?

Do women give nicknames to their body parts? I’m not talking about accepted slang terms here, I mean a real nickname.

I lovelingly named my penis Dexter.

Oh, man. I just realized I wasn’t in IMHO.
Something tells me Jilly will be whooshing this over there soon.

I didn’t name it, but my first girlfriend did - Mr. Happy.

I’ve never known a woman to name her genitalia, but I’ve heard lots of funny words as a name for them in general - hoo-ha, ta-ta, cootchie, etc.

Never named my “parts” (a woman) and this belongs in IMHO or MPSIMS, read the forum descriptions.


I just call Lil’ SPOOFE… er… “Lil’ SPOOFE”.

My best friends (lovers, they are) are more creative. The guy’s “part” is known as “King Hamlet”, while the girl’s breasts are named “Titania” and “Ophelia” (I can never remember if Titania is on the right or the left), while her “maidenhood” is named “Lady MacBeth” (out, out damned cock!), and her back door is named “Puck”.

They’re theatre people. What can I say?

'ello. My name is Inigo Montoya…


Ricky Schroeder’s left eye, Green Mongolore of the Black Sea, Johnny Mneufrolic, Fast Eddie Slipstream, The contraption, Whazzat, and Hornet God.
…That’s what I name my private parts. But aren’t you curious as to what I name my penis?

I’ve heard Russell The Love Muscle

(something to do with Mr Crowe?)

Back when I was still married, mine was named Thurman because that name, according to her, signified hugeness. :smiley: Hers was named Virginia because it signified the delicate nature of her charms.

Now we are divorced. Mine is still named Thurman because it is still a mighty beast, even though it never gets used anymore. It does have high hopes though.

Really, really high hopes. :smiley:

A LOT of my female friends refer to their breasts as “the Girls”.

Personally I find that nomenclature fascinating because that’s what I call MY private parts :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


I often refer to the Purple Headed Thermonuclear Heat-Seeking Moisture Missile as a “zoob”.

Moderator’s Notes: Since I’m here, I’ll move it to MPSIMS. Icarus, although this forum is named “General Questions,” it’s reserved for questions of a factual nature, questions from people seeking genuine knowledge, or as the description on the forum summary page says implies, a question Cecil might be interested in answering. I can assure you, Cecil is not interested in the moniker you’ve given your meat.

The Hot Beef Injector
Stanley (as in ‘the power drill’)
Darth Router
the Tube Steak
the Meat

Usually, I just call it “my cock”… but if I’m in much too jocular a mood I can be persuaded to call it “little Matt.”

[sub]I named it tiny…[/sub]

But only due to the implied irony.

Say hello to my special little friend… :smiley:

Well, I named my bresticles, Chesty and Lefty. Haven’t named any other body parts, though I may refer to what’s south of the twins as my “kitty” in polite society.

Freebie and the Beans

Why Dexter? Because it has a pointed head? :slight_smile: