What did ZPhobiaZ do?

The poster was dickish in an mswas-ish sort of way in the John Mayer thread; with 26 posts, it seemed a bit noobie-ish, but I didn’t read much more into it. Now I see he/she was banned…

May I ask what happened?

PM a mod. Probably a sock.

He made a post that pretty much admitted to being a returning sock, so I am guessing that.

It was “Manny Peoples”, bumbling his way back after 10 years.

He just couldn’t remember which account he was using.

Marley banned both.

Who is Manny Peoples?

For those who have not had the displeasure, ZPHOBIAZ used to post on the AOL board, submitting long, incoherent posts that typically began "Many people wonder, and now I ask. . . " except that in the midst of his drug addled incoherence, he always misspelled “many people” as the man’s name “Manny” along with adding a final “S” to people," thus picking up the nickname “Manny Peoples.”


Which, of course, is an open admission of sockism. :wink:

I wish you to know that the name Phobia was my original name and in no way associated with the spate of modified phobias running rampant on this board.:stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, god, Manny Peoples came back? After ALL THIS TIME?
Yow. We should have thrown a party.