What do G.I.Joe and Cobra do when they clock out at the end of the day? (Spoof on funny or die .com)

Don’t know if “spoof” is the appropriate term, this is more like “nostalgia porn”.

Surprisingly A-List cast for a direct to internet video. Julianne Moore must just bring the same level of commitment to every project, no matter how small, because she turns in some acting here that is WAY beyond what you would expect on funnyordie.com- ditto whoever plays Zartan (is that Billy Crudup?).

FunnyOrDie.com The Ballad of G.I. Joe

Oh, damn, that was good.

Was that Alan Tudyk as Shipwreck?

Yes, the credits are just below the video.

Thanks, I’d missed that.

Oops, I had missed that too. Yes, Zartan was played by Billy Crudup.

All in all, a better cast than the actual movie.

Sgt. Slaughter played himself. Those were some pretty big names for just a three minute internet spoof. I wonder who produced that?


…not your everyday viral video site: it was founded by Will Farrel and has some pretty big names behind the scenes…

Y’know, I always thought Olivia Wilde was hot. But come on. That’s not even fair.


Don’t ask don’t tell.:o

That was cute. Yes, I am that old.

True that there are some powerhouses behind the website, but the content is independently produced and user submitted. A feature on FunnyOrDie implies no direct involvement with Will Ferrell nor any of the other “big names” associated with the site.

This video is noted as a FunnyOrDie “Exclusive” but that does not mean it was produced by FunnyOrDie, just that the producers of the video agreed to allow FunnyOrDie to be the one site on which to view it- featured status for their video, in exchange for which FunnyOrDie gets to build a library of “See it Here Only” material.

The G.I. Joe video was produced by Cha-Ching Pictures which is all of two guys:
Kevin Umbricht and Daniel Strange (the guys singing the song).
Their imdb credits are pretty damn sparse.
Previous to the G.I. Joe video, they only had four other videos on FunnyOrDie, none of which featured a cast that would suggest any major Hollywood connections.

So, yeah, I’m pretty much in awe of the casting on this.

Even if Will Ferrell personally phoned all of the featured actors and promised them access to a peephole allowing a view into Olivia Wilde’s dressing room, this would still be an extremely impressive achievement in casting.

I didn’t even smile.

Not even at the clarinets?

…I never stated the video was produced by Funny or Die or that you shouldn’t be in awe of the casting. Just stating that Funny or Die has some pretty heavy hitters behind it: and that the videos that are normally exclusive on the site often have big and surprising names attached to them.


Neither did I. But then, I’m not familiar with GI Joe.

That’s the closest I came, but no.

That’s the part of the song that creeps into my head at random points in the day!