What do I need for a one person Super Bowl party?

The last couple of years I have sort of stumbled upon the Super Bowl on the day itself and ended up watching quite a lot of it, last year I even ended up watching it till the very end:cool:. I guess it will be clear by now that I’m not situated in the US:), I am live in Holland and the game usually kicks off just after midnight. I thought about going to one of the (very, very few) superbowl parties, but these are all in Amsterdam and I don’t feel like negotiating the night trains at 5 at night, also I’d like to do some (not a lot) work on monday so the less time between the final whistle (do they use whistles in footballthatsplayedwithyourhands :dubious:) and bed, the better.

I’m not a die hard enthousiast of the sport (can’t watch it through my cable package) but know the basic rules through playing a bit of Madden and watching the occasional game when I get the chance. Still I don’t need any advice on what team to root for, having one team in the game that has fans that are called ‘cheeseheads’ sort of makes it impossible for anyone with my nationality not to root for that team. So, GO Pack GO:p

Now that I’ve decided to do the Super Bowl properly, instead of stumbling upon it and battle against sleep for 3 hours, I need to set up this ‘party’. Given the time of the game and the fact that my friends don’t care and/or need to work on monday, I probably will be watching alone (maybe Putnams next book?*) so I probably won’t go too overboard with cooking etcetera, but any ideas and suggestions are welcome.

I assume beer and cheese will be envolved:D

  • please excuse the PoliSci refference

Add chili and chips and you’re set.

And don’t forget the person.

As good a reason for picking a team as many others I’ve seen.

For the food, you generally want to go with a high-cholesterol theme. Nachos, pizza, brats or other sausage, chili, that sort of thing. And if you’re in Europe, you probably don’t need any advice from Americans about beer.

It’s encouraged, but not required, to be wearing some sort of paraphernalia for the team you’re rooting for. The defining item for a Packers fan would be a foam-rubber hat that looks like a big wedge of cheese (hence the term “cheesehead”), but there’s also T-shirts, jerseys, caps, etc. with the team logo on them, or at least in the team colors. You could also optionally paint your face in the team colors (pattern isn’t too important, here: You can just go with left half of your face yellow and right half green, or something simple like that), though that might be problematic with wanting to go to bed as soon as it’s over and working the next day. If nothing else, you could print out a pennant or flag or something to hold in your hand and wave around.

You’ll also want something on hand you can throw at the TV, for when the refs make a call you don’t like, or when your team royally screws up, or the like. This can be anything, of course, but there are drawbacks to using your beer or bratwurst for this purpose. A small Nerf football would of course be ideal, but it could be anything.

And as an aside, both American and European football have equal claim to the name, since neither is played on horseback (the original cause for the distinction).

Velveta and chili. Melt them together and eat with Fritos while drinking lots of beer.

Why’s that?

IMO, the U.S. produces probably the best variety of beer out there, mainly because we allow innovation much more than a European brewery can typically get away with.

I’d be perfectly happy never having an import beer again when I’ve got such lovely gems as Dogfish Head, Flying Dog, Three Floyds, Kalamazoo/Bell’s, Third Coast, Founder’s, New Glarus, Stone, Goose Island, Sprecher, Two Brothers, Half Acre, Left Hand, Avery, Boston Beer Co., New Holland, Tommyknocker, Great Lakes Brewing, Ommegang, Dark Horse, Breckenridge, and a whole bunch of other breweries I’m leaving out.

ETA: Having said that, there are a lot of great European brews out there, but the idea that American beer should be judged on the Lowest Common Denominator put out by the likes of MBC (Miller/Bud/Coors) is patently ridiculous.

Pick 3 food items. If you can get them in small portions, that’s even better. Get 2 hot dishes and 1 cold or chip type dish. Serve 1 hot and the cold at the beginning of the game. At halftime, heat up the 2nd hot dish.

My usual superbowl setup is: chicken wings (microwave), microwave or delivery pizza, and chips/french fries.

You don’t want to go overboard because by yourself this is a huge amount of food and you don’t want to throw anything away or waste money. You also don’t want to spend too much time cooking or cleaning, and you don’t want yucky cold chicken/pizza in the 2nd half.

I would also recommend not drinking alcohol until the 3rd quarter or so. If the game is close, the last 5 minutes of game time will be around 30 minutes, and you want to be sober to get the fullest enjoyment.

Conversely, if the game is a blowout, you should take shots of hard alcohol while making rules for a drinking game, as this will probably be the most fun you’ll have.

Go online and place a bet. You will be surprised to see how it sharpens your attention. You will care so much more.

I’ve always gotten the impression that drinking alcohol regularly is a more accepted part of European culture. So maybe the idea was just that the OP would already be acquainted with the best beer they can get their hands on.