What are your plans for watching the Super Bowl?

Would be interested in hearing how you are going to enjoy the game. At your house, friend’s house, sports bar, in person at the stadium? If it is a private gathering, how many people will be there? What type of snacks, food?
As for me, I don’t have cable, so home is out. I will try to find a cantina that has it on. It shouldn’t be difficult, unless there is a soccer game at the same time. American football takes a back seat to soccer games in the Yucatan.

Normally we go over to my sister’s house and watch with them. This year, due to illness and the perpetually bitter cold weather, we’re just gonna watch it at home.

I’ll be tuning in for the Puppy Bowl, m’self.

Probably alone at my place. I’m getting:

Crudite platter
Shrimp cocktail

I got an invitation to a big sushi blowout. I accepted, then started reading other people pointing out that the meal was set for SuperSunday. We’ve decided to go, regardless.

Sushi is much more delicious if it can be enjoyed far away from football. :slight_smile: Proper sports pairings for sushi include judo, sumo and baseball.

For the 5th year in a row I will be spending a long weekend in Vegas with some friends from work and some of their friends (who I now know from previous trips). This includes the big Superbowl party at New York New York.

A handful of friends and family and my 60" TV. As far as food, haven’t decided but probably pizza and wings.

As usual, go to the movies because there will be plenty of seats.

The Super Bowl? Are they having that again this year? :wink:

Last year, when I was still living in Manhattan, I thought I’d go to the Russian & Turkish Baths, expecting it to be a slow day (unlike a typical weekend afternoon, which frequently finds you unable to so much as find a place to sit in the Russian room). Unfortunately, the thing about Manhattan is: Whatever idea you’ve got, there’s probably at least 100,000 other people who’ve got the same exact idea… :smack:

I think I’m taking this one off, maybe find out if I miss it.

You’re clearly not from the Seattle area. This is going to be HUGE. I confess, many years I find other things to do. This year, a house full of a friends and family watching the “big game.” Still trying to figure out what food excites me the most.

I am planning on finding a sports bar in Shanghai that opens at 6:00am so I can have some Guinness, breakfast and watch the game live. I haven’t done this for 4 years and it will be a real treat.

I’m from the Baltimore area. Last year was indeed pretty exciting for the local fans. I’m a lousy fan, though.

Going to a friend’s house. His wife is from Seattle, so I’m going there to represent Denver for shits and giggles.

No plans so far! Having a wife and two small kids makes planning in advance a bit tricky. We’ll probably just watch (me, the game; my wife, the commercials) at home.

Plans just firmed up last night. I’ll be at my sister’s house. Just a small family affair-- Her, her husband and kids, me, our mom, and our uncle.

I like the commercials, so I plan to have it on while I work on tax returns. I’ll probably bring my laptop home and move a second monitor onto the kitchen table, but I haven’t worked out the finer points of that plan yet. Nobody’s coming over, so it’ll just be my wife and me.

Usually, the Super Bowl is my excuse to make a big batch of chili, but I’m not sure if I’ll have the energy to do that this year. Plus, my wife is trying a new diet that defines itself only in terms of arbitrary things that you can’t eat.

Well, I am from the Seattle area and I am so sick of hearing about freaking football that it’s all I can do to nod and smile and say “Go 'hawks” instead of screaming at people about getting their priorities in life straight. But [deep calming breaths; count to 10] to each their own. :slight_smile:

It certainly doesn’t help that my new office assistant is Mama Blue’s granddaughter.