What are you eating for the Super Bowl?

Every time the Super Bowl comes around, I’m torn between all the possible things I could be eating, and as a result, I always end up feeling a little disappointed. Anybody got a good menu, and a good strategy? I don’t want to fill up on nachos before the end of the first quarter and ruin myself for the buffalo wings, for example.

I was just gonna ask the same thing. Hubby wants chili dogs and chips, but that seems kinda pedestrian.

I know it sounds gross, but I look forward to it every super bowl: 1 block of velveeta mixed with 1 can of (vegetarian) chili hot and melty so I can dip tortilla chips in it. I also like sour cream and onion Ruffles dipped in ranch. Oh, and jalapeno poppers. It is all sooo yummy and yucky at the same time. I can’t even look at any of that stuff the day after. I don’t have time or room for any pizzas or sub sandwiches.

So, while I didn’t answer your question about a good menu or a good strategy, that does answer the question of what I will be eating.

I’m so sports-unaware that I hadn’t realized it was this weekend until we got an invite to a viewing party. It seems the Steelers are in it, as well as the Seahawks, who, I infer from their presence, apparently don’t suck anymore. I will be viewing the goings-on for snacks, funny ads, the remote possibility of boobies, inane commentary, and footballin’ action, in that order.

I’m not sure what everyone else is bringing, but my wife has convinced me to attempt to replicate her mother’s eeevil Sausage Balls…so evil, in fact, that her mom only grudgingly revealed the sketchiest of details about the recipe, fearing for our health should we be able to make them. I’ve found a recipe online that seems to conform to what I’ve gleaned about my mother-in-law’s. Hopefully, they turn out decent and don’t kill anyone. Well not right away, anyhow.

Seven layer Mexican bean dip.

I won’t post my recipe on the grounds that there are 50 million varieties out there and I’d happily eat just about any of them, except it looks like I won’t be around to watch the game after all. My mother has agreed to plan the eating of the dip around a meal I will be around for.

Why, I’m so glad you asked.

I’ll be serving a Turducken along with corn maque choux, green bean casserole, sweet potato & praline casserole, cornbread dressing and some andouille sausage.

To drink? That would be nothing but Hennepin Sasion farmhouse ale from the brewery Ommegang.

This will be my 4th year in a row where I’ve served the much loved turducken, and man am I looking forward to it.

I take so very few things in life seriously, but my Super Bowl party is one of them.

I think I’m fixing babybacks (with Wolfgang Puck’s rub,) tater salad, corn on the cob, and Ranch Style Beans. Unless I don’t. :smiley:

So far I’m thinking chili (cooked in the slow cooker) and buffalo style wings (baked, not fried :D). Chips and salsa are a must, as well as some good beer.

I’m probably providing the chili con queso dip, which simply HAS to be made with Velveeta and canned Hormel Chili. What can I say? It’s always a huge hit. I may make pasta salad too, since I love me some pasta salad.

We’re having several people over, but 95% of them are my roommate’s friends, and most people have the good manners to show up with something, either food or alcohol. As long as I’m not asked to spring for 50% of the refreshments, I’ll be fine with anything.


Try the queso with a can of rotel instead of Chili. It is an exceptional dip!

Every year, I make a big meal Sunday morning while I am watching Meet The Press and pick at it all day.

I like to watch the Super Bowl alone so I can catch the commercials.

I either choose between a pot of soup or a lasagna.

This year I am going with a big Lasagna.

Normally I’d bust out my famous lasagna for a big event like this, but there are simply going to be too many people in my house, and I don’t know most of them, so they don’t get the best stuff. We’ll probably have 10 to 25 guests at any point, and they had better not talk through the commercials!

Three or four years ago, during the 8 hours of pre-game, they showed Emeril Lagasse making jambalaya for a SB party. Sounded like a good idea; I got his recipe off the web and have been making it on SB Sunday ever since. Do all the chopping and simmering in the morning; dish it out around halftime.

Good lord, it’s yummy good, too.

It doesn’t sound exciting, but I’m looking forward to it: Baked potato soup, thick as tar, with ample beer (both in the soup and out) and a couple different cheeses. I make a crock full of it in the morning, and it allows everyone to go back for 2nds, 3rds, etc. without anyone having to cook or order during the game.

I’m thinking sandwiches. My dad makes the best toasted hoagies in the world.

And of course, pierogies.

I’m making a big pot of chili and a bowl of cheesy dip involving Velveeta, hamburger, and Pace picante sauce. And we will eat, and drink beer, and there will be much farting.

In honor of the Superfans,

Polish Sausage
BBQ ribs
Cheese Fries

Rest in Peace Todd.

Aside from the usual array of snacky things, I’ll be making gumbo. I started doing it for the 2001 game, and it’s become something of a tradition.

I haven’t decided.

I’m not a superbowl party goer or thrower anymore (by choice – I love the game) but I still use the day as an occasion to do something big. My Superbowl food will also be my wife’s supper, but it is a day where she doesn’t care if I don’t take her feelings into account.

That said. . .

Probably lasagna. I make a big fat lasagna with pounds of cheese, sausage, ground beef. I’ll make some rustic italian bread (boule) to go with it.

Maybe ribs and corn bread.

I made chili last weekend, but that’s always in the mix for me.

Any thing I do, I’ll have some good beer. Maybe dogfish head raison d’etre.

Hooters chicken wings.

I talked hubby out of chili dogs – we’re going to do beef and chicken tacos, burritos, and enchiladas, cheese & chili dip and corn chips. The meat will be in crockpots and everybody can build their own.

Aaaah. Much better.

I heard on NPR that the troops in Iraq will be able to watch the game but without any commercials. I didn’t hear the reason for zapping the ads. Anybody know?