What Do Mohels Do With the Foreskins?

I’m assuming that a full-blown Jewish circumcision (as opposed to a run-of-the-mill Christian circumcision done in a hospital) complete with a Mohel and all that is done at the baby’s home. If so, what does the Mohel do with the foreskin? Is there a ritual destruction sequence in which it is burned or something? Just thrown in the family trash? Does he keep it in a scrapbook (and pass it around at the boy’s Bar Mitzvah 13 years later)?

I hope no one take offense at these questions. I’d hate to see someone making a mountain out of a Mohel.

Lets just say you should stay away from the onion rings at bar mitzvahs.

The Retired Mohel

Do mohels work for tips?

In one famous case, one was supposedly kept as a souvenir and even paraded around for a couple of millenia, until it was stolen by thieves in 1983.

The Holy Foreskin

Does The True Cross of Jesus Exist Today? [From another post in GQ]

It is my firm belief that if Jehovah God wanted for man to have the true cross and/or the fragments of it, or the FORESKIN of JESUS in the hands of men today He would have made sure that they would have more than adequate authentication.

Since there is no such authentication, such parts are nothing more nor less than pieces of wood or mummified flesh. Even the location of the tomb is in doubt for the same reason.

A very good reson for no authentication of the cross, FORESKIN of JESUS, holy grail, the ark, etc. is that men would worship that which they can see and touch than the Infinite God which must be worshiped in faith.

The focus of the Holy Bible is on Jesus and His teachings, not physical remnants of his presence on earth.


You’ve heard of moleskin fabric? Well, that’s a slight euphemism, and moles have nothing to do with it. :wink:

Listen, when those superintelligent giant squid perfect their land claims, are you going to be in trouble! :smiley:

Nuts. Any shred of authenticatible (???) proof of the existence of God would result in my immediate recognition of said diety’s existence. I’m a bit below average in intelligence, an idiot in fact, and even I can understand the difference between a physical object and a supreme being–and could direct my worship appropriately.

Now, really. What the hell *do * they do with the damned things? Have we no Jewish parents here?

Well, I don’t know for certain myself, but the mere fact that somebody out there takes seriously the notion that there may be a Holy Foreskin relic makes me think that perhaps some parents are given the foreskin to keep as a memento. Somebody must keep it. If it is or was routine for the foreskin to be burned or discarded or whatever, the mere concept of a Holy Foreskin would be beyond absurd. “What good Jewish mother and father keeps around a foreskin? What a load of loshken!”

Small-fry stir-fry, perhaps?

You know, since it’s past sundown on Friday all our best Jewish authorities are incommunicado (at least Internet-wise) until tomorrow night. ;j

Maybe someone should give this a bump and nudge early Sunday morning, hmmm?

Humph! At least one example of the Holy Foreskin was quite convincingly authenticated:

Works for me.

Are we to believe, then, that if J.C. Himself had a virgin brought before him, something still attached would be enlarging as well?

Well, I might offer an alternative explanation for the Holy Grail.

As to the original question, I dunno. In This_Is_My_God, Wouk notes that tradition prefers for the father to perform the circumcision, but a mohel is appointed “in universal practice”. He notes also the prevalence of allowing hospital surgeons to perform the operation (and condemns it). He is sadly silent as to the disposition of the foreskin, but my WAG would be that it usually ends up in the biowaste bin.

If this enlargement really happened, then it WAS NOT the foreskin of Jesus who was without sin.
At the expense of repeating myself if Jehovah God wished it to be worshiped etc. He would have made adequate authentication available for all to see!

The focus of the Holy Bible is on Jesus and His teachings, not physical remnants of his presence on earth

Disposition of ablated prepuce.

It’s a sin to get an erection?

January 1, for those of you who might care, is the Feast of the Circumcision of Christ, as briefly related in Luke 2:21.