What do these symbols mean "Ø = Ü M"?

I just got a text with just these these symbols in it.

Ø = Ü M

Anyone know what it means? What were the people trying to say?

Ø is the Danish or Norwegian variant of O-umlaut, or OE in Swedish and German. By itself, it also is the Danish word for “island”.

Ü is U-umlaut, or UE.

M is M.

But I think you need to give us some more context before figuring out what those letters grouped together like that mean.

I’m a contractor and this is the text I got after I texted “Thank you” to her for giving me some information about the project we are doing for her.

It refers to the equation to determine how many 14 k of g in a f p d you have.

Do you have an older or non-smart phone? I wonder if it was supposed to be something else and got “corrupted.”

I think it’s a corrupted emoji or something. That’s what I gather after googling that exact sequence of characters.

A bit of Internet sleuthing suggests that combination of characters makes up an emoji of some sort, though I can’t seem to find anything that specifies exactly which one. I’m guessing the person that sent you that message has a phone that supports emojis, and you don’t (at least, not that one).

Thanks everyone. I think the problem is my old phone.

My daughter says it belongs in a museum.

It is a UTF-8 version of an emoticon coding. If you write it out in hexadecimal is D83D DC4D, which is the thumbs up character.

Rats. I thought somebody had found a new element: Islandeum.

So, it isn’t some sort of dirty wink?