What do we do with Riseccoli?

My Beloved got a bottle of Mosto Cotto Riseccoli for Christmas-any suggestions?

You can eat it with stanky cheese on crusty bread.

That is all it is good for?

It’s also good with desserts - drizzle over panna cotta, ice cream or roasted figs. Or hell, your breakfast pancakes. There are also some baked goods that use it as a sweetener or a glaze - it’s foundthroughout the Med by various other names.

You can even dilute a spoonful as a cordial.

Although - Riseccoli is the source, not the syrup, so you might be better off asking “what do I do with this mosto cotto” instead.

Thank you.

I should add - I’ve also used grape must syrup (saba/sapa, the Roman kind, but it’s basically the same stuff) instead of a balsamic reduction or pomegranate molasses in savoury stuff - salad dressings and glazes for roast meat, mostly, although a spoonful sometimes also goes into my lamb tajine.

You could always try some of theserecipes…

And here I thought Riseccoli was going to be a type of pasta, or a really bad intestinal pathogen. :smack: