What do you always do, no exceptions, 100% of the time?

This weekend there is n annuala three day guitar-fest called Jam4Dan, in memory of a guy named Dan Falley. He had a guitar shop, was a noted music teacher, and a superb guitar player. He died ten years ago in a car accident. Not his fault, his car was struck, and he was flung from his own vehicle as he wasn’t wearing a seatbelt. i’d met him and heard him play.

Before his death I almost always wore a seatbelt. Afterwards I resolved to not even take the car out of park without having the seatbelt clicked. i’ve been doing that long enough now that it would feel strange not to have it on when I’m in the car.

So, what do you absolutely, positively always do, no exceptions? If you care to, say why.

Car doesn’t move until all occupants are belted in. No exceptions.

Never set a tool down (or walk away from it) while it’s still rotating.

A man…a woman…who do I have sex with?!

Batting 110 percent so far.

Like Chefguy and probably a bunch of other posters…there are plenty of operational/safety/avoid fracking drama things I do ALMOST always…and if I DON"T do them the reason is usually a bit better than “mehhh, fuck it this time”.

Put the toilet seat down (!) There’s just no other correct answer in my household, no matter how plausible the excuse (if such even exists).

Seatbelts are an ‘of course’ for our car, as well.


Actually, I can’t think of any absolutes in my life.

I almost always put the seat belt on. Only exception: moving the car from the driveway into the garage. I have my own bathroom and never put the seat down (except to shit), never. Especially in the middle of the night, it is hard on my back to have to raise the seat.

Same batting average for me. But…

And another seat belter.

I’ve been getting my hair cut with a #1.5 clipper since the late '70s. It’s so easy to take care of, and I just don’t look good with longer hair.

And when I park the car, I turn off not just the lights, but also the climate controls and sound system. I don’t want anything running when I restart.

Seatbelts for all car occupants before vehicle leaves Park.

Unplug heat-generating items such as hair styling equipment after use.

Close the toilet lid after use.

Wipe my ass.

Seat belt.

99.999% of the time I brush my teeth. I never don’t unless I unexpectedly fall asleep.

I never, ever close the car door without consciously verifying, at least once, that I have possession of the keys.

I almost always wear my seatbelt, so that doesn’t count.

I always turn on the blowers before I start my boat engine.

I always know where my keys are but I always check them anyway. I always lock the door (but only after I’ve checked to make sure I have the keys) and then check that it’s locked.

Three decades of working in prisons builds up a habit that borders on a compulsion.

I always press down the plunger to switch the water from shower to bath faucet, before turning off the water.

I can’t go to bed without using the Neti Pot (or irrigating my sinuses in some way), brushing my teeth and washing my face.

I’m afraid that the one time I don’t I will get an ear infection, a cavity and zits.

Feed the animals.

If I ever have to momentarily get out of the car while it’s running, I always leave the driver’s side window open.

I do this, too. Hate getting a cold blast from the showerhead when I turn on the water if it’s been left in that position between uses.


Seat belts and closing the toilet lid are the 2 absolutes in my life. Letting the dog out to pee is another, unless my husband wakes up before I do (I made a funny there!!)

I make a real effort to hang my purse and my keys on a hook every time I come in the house, but sometimes, they sit on the counter.

I try to always have my phone in my pocket, but not all women’s pants have pockets, so I’ve misplaced it on occasion.

And despite having gotten rid of our landline years ago, every time we return home, I have to fight the urge to check the answering machine. Old habits die hard…