What do you do when invited to a direct marketing home party?

My wife enjoys going to these and hosting them. Things like Tastefully Simple, Pampered Chef, Discovery Toys, etc. I can’t imagine why anyone would want to subject themselves to this kind of thing. So what happens when you’re invited to one of these things?

Jeez. I do whatever I was going to do anyway. I can’t imagine why anyone would want to subject themselves to this kind of thing either.

I HAAAAATE those things!

Is this like a Tupperware party, or Amway type deal? Thankfully, have never been invited. I wouldn’t like it if I were.

My option wasn’t listed: I’ll go but only if the invite is from a close friend. The host usually gets a gift or a discount for having the party, and more gifts/discounts depending on how many show up and how much they spend, so I’m helping with that.

Plus, it’s a reason to get out of the house, socialize a bit. The last one I went to was for Tastefully Simple, and the food was pretty good.

ETA: The ones I’ve attended have been small affairs, and I knew most of the other guests, so it was fun.

Even for close friends or family, I keep a mental list of excuses in order to avoid this sort of thing.
I’ve learned to be wary of any question like “Do you have any plans for (whatever day)?” I answer “Yes, why do you ask?” - if the occasion is important (and not the type of party mentioned by the OP), I can always say that I’ll change my plans.

The last (and 2nd) time I went to such an event was about 25 years ago.

If I’m in the mood, I go. I don’t do a lot of other socializing, so this is a way for me to ‘catch up’ with folks I know, and have a little fun while I’m at it.

I’ve hosted several too, and always enjoyed it.

These can be the beginning of the end of a friendship. I hate these things, even if I am interested in the product. It is a sale environment, a business, and I despise the underlying pressure from someone I call a friend.

It is similar to the birthday party my wife’s friend had for her one year old daughter. Stupid.

Where’s the option for “don’t go and sever all contact with the person that invited you”?

What’s so bad about a birthday party for a friend’s child?

My wife gets invitations and fortunately she declines.

I told her its like a timeshare presentation except you don’t get a gift card to the Olive Garden when its over.

Some of the pampered chef dips aren’t terrible.

(but they keep trying to sell me stuff…!)

The last one of those I went to was when my daughter (now a teen) was in preschool. It was for some kind of fancy candles…

The person there to sell the stuff was demonstrating the product to all the nice suburban mom ladies. She was waving one of the candles around and going on about how nice it was…that it was eight inches long…and ribbed, too…

And I lost it. Completely. I started giggling and couldn’t stop. I had to step into the kitchen for a while to regain my composure.

That particular group of preschool moms never invited me to anything like that again. Which I really didn’t mind too much. I now just don’t go to those types of things as I don’t enjoy them really. If someone at work has a catalog and there’s something in it I like, I will buy an item or two. But the parties are such a bore, so I avoid them at all costs.

The only one I’ve gone to was a sex toy party at a friend’s house. Vibes, lingerie, whole 9 yards. We passed everything around - no, nothing pervy went on - and giggled, and then went into another room with the seller to place an order or to hang out and chat for a minute if you didn’t want to order but didn’t want to admit that in front of more adventurous friends. The guys were hanging out in the garage drinking, smoking cigars, and watching a game, and at the end they came into the house and the women whispered what they’d bought.

That was fun. Pampered Chef, Tupperware, all that? Bleh.

I never go, I would never subject my friends to one of these, and can’t understand why they want to do it to me. Anyone who invites me to one is automatically considered “not truly a friend” from that day forward.

Actually my friends have never invited me to anything like this - only acquaintances.


I’ve been to a couple. My friend knows people who do these type of things (purse parties, Fifth Avenue) and I usually get dragged along to keep her company. Every now and again I’ll buy something (a really cute purse, a tasteful dressy necklace/bracelet set for work… both of which I’ve gotten lots of use out of) but only if I really want to.

Never hold one in my own home though, and neither does my friend.

I just got sucked into a friends Arbonne party. I always have an exit strategy. When I get there I always say I have a hair appointment, etc and can only stay for a little while. Just as the hard sell is about to happen I look at my watch and excuse myself. :wink:

I will go to a Pampered Chef party if it is a close friend, and I always can find some kitchen gadget I want. I pass on Tastefully Simple parties but I will order some Garlic Garlic because I use that stuff like crazy. My former boss used to have Longaberger parties once a year and I would go to those and buy one small basket; my current boss had a jewelry party last year which I declined but bought a necklace for political reasons. All other parties – candles (make me sick), purses, whatever, I will pass on. If they have a Tupperware catalog I may look at it and order something if I want it, but I’m not going to the party.

I say “No thank you” and leave it at that.