What do you do with 300 unwanted business cards?

So my cousin made a mistake at the printer, and ended up with 300 rejected business cards (the client insists that they are of the wrong size). So now he’s stuck with 300 business cards, and those 300 business cards could be mine, if only I could think of some uses for them…

I’m sure that someone here have a creative use for them…

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You could make straight cuts into the sides like this ->l <- in specific places and make a house of business cards.

Sorta like this

Glue two of them together, printed side in, so that it’s plain on the outside (provided they weren’t printed on both sides, mind you). Grab some markers and decorate them and use them for holiday table place markers. You could put them in little spiral wire holders or just place them on the plate. You can decorate them differently for each holiday.

Do the same thing with the gluing and make book marks out of them.

Sell them for $10 each and let children clothespin them to their bike for that authentic Harley sound.

Decorate some of them, paint others a solid color, arrange and glue them to a wooden tray and then polyurethane over them.

Leave them under the bodies of your victims.

Leave them on assorted corkboards at restaurants and bathroom walls for the next 15 years.

Make a suit of business card scale armor.

When I first saw the thread title, i read it as:

“What do you do with 300 unwanted business crabs

Man, was I ever confused!

Make your own decks of playing cards. Don’t limit yourself to the traditional four suits, either. How about the Suit of Acorns, or Wheels, or Bells? Or make up your own collectible card game. You could become a gazillionaire, if you’re lucky.

Your local high school or business school might be interested in the cards. I donated a lot of old stationery from my grandfather’s business after he died, and they were glad to get it (for practicing typing business letters and envelopes). The local elementary school might also be interested in the cards, for flash cards or project material.

Good one, but only if they have somebody else’s name on them.

I’d use them to start my charcoal grill . . . 300 times.

Doesn’t the signed proof clear it up?

Unless you want to play jokes on the client I’d throw them away. If the contact info is correct on the front you would still be marketing for the company that didn’t pay for the product. :smack:

Scratch paper for small notes, jokes, or trash is my opinion.

Nope, my cousin made a honest mistake about the size.

I was thinking of doing some pranks, in the veins of www.cockeyed.com, but was thinking twice because the contact is valid.



Wrong size? I didn’t know business cards had size options.

But for 300 of them? I’d just chuck 'em in the recycle bin. Same as I did with about 485 of mine that were obsoleted by a mail station change in the building.

If they are still buying the correct size buisness cards, give them the mistake cards gratis. They still have contact details etc. and might be useful as give-aways at a trade show. The client can then decide what to do with them.

Labels on the front of filing cabinets or archives.

Are you still in school? I like to use business cards for flash cards as I find 3"x5" cards too unweildly. When I ran out of my old business cards, I even resorted to buying some blank ones in bulk.

What did you pay for blank business cards in bulk? I’ve always found them more useful for writing notes to myself rather than handing them out, since they fit so well in my wallet. But my current employer has printing on the back of its business cards, so I was thinking about buying blank ones for this purpose.

Practice card throwing.