What do you find pleasant or comfortable that others don't?

When I was a kid, I loooved the smell of new tennis balls. I would have sniffed them for hours if my parents hadn’t gotten creeped out. Nowadays, they don’t smell quite the same, though.

I love the sound of the hair dryer. I could fall asleep to it.

A high wind is an instant anti-depressant. My favorite weather is when it’s cold, grey, rainy, and windy out. (I also think I have the anti-Seasonal Affective Disorder – I love it when it gets dark early and dread Daylight Savings Time in the spring.)

I like small, enclosed spaces. They’re cozy. As a kid, I liked holing up inside cabinets or under the coffee table to read or nap. I deliberately make my almost-cube at work smaller by angling cabinets inward, and my computer desk at home is in a sort of alcove full of bookshelves and such.

Like several others have posted, I love windy, stormy weather. I grew up in a very rainy clime (in Louisiana), and the rush of wind and rattle of rain on the roof and walls are comforting. I enjoy the feel of a good, strong wind, too, as long as it isn’t bitingly cold. I love the steamy/dusty scent of rain approaching across hot stone or concrete; it was always the first sign of relief on a hot summer day: a storm was coming to cool things off.

I like overcast, foggy weather, too (as long as I don’t have to drive in the fog, anyway). I enjoy the touch of fog on my skin. A lot of people would describe it as “cold and clammy”; to me, it’s “cool and soothing”.

Yep, I’m a freak–but at least I’m in good company here. :slight_smile:

I like the smell of cigarette smoke, in small doses. I think it reminds me of my late grandfather, who smoked much of his life, and a few old friends that are no longer around. I’ve never smoked though.

Being alone, even for fairly extended periods. I especially like travelling alone, because I get to make all the decisions about where to go and what to do.

Eating alone in restaurants. Travelling alone. Being by myself in general.

Small enclosed places: they feel cozy and safe, like nothing outside can come in and get you.

Cough syrup. Yum.

Spending my lunch break alone. Once or maybe twice a week I can share it, but aside from that it’s all mine.

I like public speaking. I have no trouble at all getting up and blabbing about anything, regardless of the audience size. It just doesn’t bother me at all and I actually enjoy it.

Ditto on the bad weather. My favorite is being trapped in the house in deep winter when the power has gone out due to a horrible blizzard. It’s awesome to snuggle into a warm blanket with candles and knit or read a book. I imagine after about 48 hours this would lose its charm though.

I used to love thunderstorms until one kicked my ass when I was in my car one time.

The couple of times a year I get a mani/pedicure, my favorite part is when the technician takes that stick with the sandpaperystuff on the bottom and goes over the bottoms of my feet. That is pure bliss for me…the sound, the feel… I would love to have that for at least an hour and she only does it for about 30 seconds!

For some reason the smell of road tar reminds me of the early days of autumn - which are good memories for me.

Turps, Petrol, Cracking joints, spending money.

Cemeteries, violent weather and earthquakes.

A friend of mine actually liked hangovers. That to me was weird beyond belief.

I’m envious, you must have very un-ticklish feet. Whenever someone does that to mine I practically have a seizure.

I love to be in very small, noisy spaces. When I was a kid I would turn on a fan and sit inside my toy box with the lid shut and the fan blowing full blast. These days I sleep with my entire body covered, even my head, and I still have to have a fan on. I fall asleep the easiest when the heat or air runs more that normal. The intake is in my bedroom and is very loud. I just love being cozy with a constant, steady noise. I have no idea why. I second the hair dryer thing, as well as vacuums, air compresses, dishwashers, etc…

I also love being in storms, the nastier it gets outside, the calmer I seem to be.

I also love the smell of sweat. Not the sweaty, no bath in a month sweat. The curl up in my boyfriends arms after he has worked hard all day sweat. That I love

I forgot to mention : Certain types of pain are actually pleasant.

I don’t mean in a BDSM way. Just like if I sprain my ankle, it’s quite nice to gingerly walk on it afterwards.

The pain of when the sprain happens is not nice, but walking on the ankle afterwards is.

Absolutely. When I worked at the City, and was in charge of drainage, when a rainstorm came I’d dash off to my truck and ride around looking at problem areas. I even would do this at night and on weekends. One lady said she was pleasantly shocked to see me, flashlight in hand, prodding around in her front yard one night in a heavy rain. I think that’s where I got the nickname Ditch Witch. :wink:

Well, if you have an overactive, busy mind which jumps from thing to thing, having a hangover can slow that down so that you enjoy things more. So I’ve been told.

I know exactly what you mean. Kind of a numby-tingly thing you can massage, or in the case of your ankle, roll around and feel different funny things in the joint. I think that’s a leftover thing from teething.

I like the taste of aspirin ( I once “OD’d” on a bottle of baby aspirin as a kid, vomiting afterwards ). Something about that soury/astringency taste is almost pleasurable to me. Bayer is the best for flavour ;). I remember being disappointed when everybody went to coated aspirin.

Now that I think about the above might well be my single weirdest quirk.

ETA: Also the smell of skunks at a distance, barnyards when they aren’t overpowering, gasoline if it hasn’t gotten on my clothes and nail polish remover. But I think all of those are more common than the aspirin thing.

I like being cold. And of course I like cold, rainy weather.

I like being dropped off alone in places I’ve never been, where I know no one and don’t speak the language.

I like being totally alone for weeks. Haven’t found my limit yet.

I like feeling sore from exercise.

I like the smell of cigar smoke; it mentally transports me to the racetrack. But I’d never want to smoke one myself.

I like to wash my hands in water as hot as I can stand.

I take scalding hot baths that turn my skin red. In the mornings I make my shower hot to begin with and end up turning the cold water down notch by notch until it’s off.

I also like the smell of skunks, gasoline, and barnyards, but I don’t think that’s too weird.