What smells do other people enjoy that you think they shouldn't?

I hate the smell of cut grass. When spring arrives and everyone starts mowing their lawns, I start wanting to puke. Even worse than the smell is most people’s noxious affection for it. When I hear people waxing poetic about the wonderful, sweet, piquant, lovely smell of freshly cut grass in the summer, it’s enough to make me want to sock 'em one.

So what’s your “what the heck is wrong with everybody else in the world except me” smell?

Okay - simply because someone had to say it: a person’s own farts…

I can’t stand the smell of most flowers. I think it is because I suffer from allergies and I think that at some point I associated the smell with the sneezing (and other allergy-related unpleasantness). I especially dislike mock orange, lavender, lilies, roses, and more that I can’t remember right now. My mother has a lovely garden and enjoys the various smells, but I have had to make her take flowers out of the house because I could not stand the smell. Poor mom. At least I like hyacinths.

Coffee. As far as I can tell, most people like the smell (and taste) of coffee, even if they aren’t drinkers themselves. I hate it; it ranks right up there behind cigarette smoke in disgustingness. I never go into coffee shops, and I avoid the coffee counter area in other stores. I really cannot understand this mania for coffee that has swept the land in the last 10 years. Bleh.

I think it may be something of a genetic trait, passed on from my dad. He grew up in a coffee-drinking household, and hated it. He always thought his parents smelled bad.

I’m not sure if it’s roses in general, or some mixture of flowers that I just can’t stand that smells like a funeral.
There’s a certain funeral smell to some bouquets that literally goes right to my stomach.

I love the smells of most flowers, but I absolutely loathe orchids. The smell of orchids reminds me somehow of three-week-old chewing tobacco. Or I think it does; I’ve never actually smelled same, but I imagine it smells like orchids.

Many people think I’m strange because I’m fond of the smell of gasoline and diesel.

Perfume and cologne. I can’t stand the smell. It makes me sneeze and plugs my sinuses.

My partner likes the smell of gas, it gags me. Air fresheners and most cleansers give me a headache and sometimes an asthma attack.

I agree on the scent of air freshners and cleansers.

I avoid walking down the aisles where they are stocked when I’m shopping. It’s enough to give me an instant sinus headache with all of those “manufactured” and clashing smells.

Hazelnut coffee. Regular coffee, if it’s not a cheap instant brand, usually smells ok, even though I have no desire to drink it. Hazelnut’s smell, on the other hand, makes me want to gag.

I hate hate HATE the smell of flowers that smell "green"ish - you know, like lilies and everything else that they call “fresh floral” when they make perfumes that I also hate. I can’t stand them.

The only flowers I like to smell are the ones that smell “sweet”, like honeysuckle or orange blossoms.

-cut grass
-cigarette smoke
-Windex and cleaners

Another vote for that here. And scented candles drive me nuts. Some give me terrific headaches… and my previous housemate loved 'em…

While it’s not a smell that most people actively enjoy, most people don’t seem bothered by the smell of Dorito’s. I don’t get it. It takes work for me to not gag when there’s an open bag in the room. Sack lunch meetings at work can be pure torture.

Napalm, even if it does smell like “victory.”

I hate the smell of cut grass. I’m not too fing of lavender, either. I don’t like cigarettes, too. But, I do like the smell of skunk, gas, and used bookstore.

Baby powder. Yeccchhh.

Yeah, I’m not too big on perfumes, incense, or scented candles either. Stinky!! I’m a fresh-air fiend and am always opening windows. I dunno–I do seem to have a very sensitive nose, so maybe others don’t get as strong a dose?

Virtually all smells that are intended to smell enchanting are, in reality, horrifying. This ranges from perfumes/colognes to air fresheners to hand lotions/cosmetics to scented candles. If it smells a certain way on purpose, it’s most likely disgusting.

Things that just smell the way they smell naturally, like coffee or cleaning products, are fine.