Smells that others like but You hate.

I hate artificial fruity fragrances like the kind they put in air fresheners.
Also Maple Syrup. I use to like it, but when I was pregnant somebody spilled some in the grocery store, and I almost fainted from the smell. That was 10 years ago, and I still can’t stand it.

Oh, man! I was going to start a thread on this but couldn’t find the right words.


You know, the detergent. For some reason, I can spot Gain users at about 10 paces. Maybe it’s something unique about me, maybe it’s something unique about Gain. Maybe the people I can smell just way badly over dry their clothes and cook that smell into them, I don’t know. But, Jesus, enough with the Gain, already!


Artificial banana flavor.

Dark rum.

Coffee. I’ve lived in Seattle most of my life and I don’t like coffee. I’m a total freak.

Oh god, Kamandi, I hate patchouli. That’s the only thing I came in here to post. Sorry to be repetitive. ;D

ajax dishwashing detergent. my first apartment (170 for a three bedroon flat in wormtown MA, can you believe it?) had a soapstone sink, and the smell of moldy dishes and ajax intermingled in its pores to create an unholy aroma i can remember to this day. i cant bear the smell of ajax.

I hate that stuff! It’s stronger than most detergents, they even brag in the commercials how you can still smell it on stuff that was washed 2 weeks ago.

Roses. Real and artificial.

Pine. I hate the smell of pine oil, pine resin, pine needles, pine forests, pine anything.

The smell of beans and hamhocks cooking. Coming from a southern family, you can imagine how ashamed my mom was at this condition.

Boiling beef.

I know there are others, but that’s all I can think of for right now.

Mint. Smell, flavor, everything.



I enjoy the smell of bleach. To me, it means, nice clean kitchen & bathroom.

However, a lot of lemon-scented cleansers (which others apparently enjoy) turn my stomach. They smell like bad Olde-Time Lemonde mix. Ugh.

I enjoy the smell of freshly-pumped gasoline. I have no idea why.

I hate the smell of defrosting dog shit in the spring.

  • s.e.


Although I can’t really smell it. But the taste! Ick.

I know, right? And in the commercials, they call it “freshness.” It ain’t freshness. It’s perfume. Yuk yuk yuk!

I hate the smell of any store that sells stinky stuff–candle shops, Bath & Body Works, etc. Plus, I can’t stand any gift shops that sell a lot of potpourri and other smelly crap. I can’t even stay in the stores. I have to leave. Other people love that shit. I just don’t get it.

I just converted away from Gain after realizing that the perfume was so strong that I could not tell worn clothes from clean ones if I hadn’t spilled anything on them. Yecch.

I have to add that I hate the smell of ANYTHING pork. I used to like it, but my wife was raised Muslim, so I’ve been virtually pork-free for four years. Now I can smell cooking pork from miles away and it makes me wanna retch.

(Points and titters)

What a freak! :slight_smile:
Myself, I hate the faux floral smell of air-fresheners. Also, the strong smell of red wine doesn’t do anything good for me. Ick, it’s like soy sauce.

I can’t stand the smell of bacon cooking. I used to love it, but after being vegetarian for 12 years, it is terrible, I have to leave the house if someone is cooking it. I work in a cafeteria and I have to serve the stff every week, it’s disgusting.

Artificial peach scents and flavorings. Every time I come across FakePeach, I literally have to struggle to keep myself from vomiting.

Raw celery
Fried mushrooms

I cannot stand the smell of cooked brocolli. If I smell it, I have to leave the room. The only thing worse than the smell is the taste.

Oddly enough, I can eat it raw with a dip of some kind.

I’ve gone completely off coffee since last month (its a pregnancy thing). Even the smell does nothing for me anymore. At least I can still drink tea.

There are a lot of stinky Japanese foods. The worst is this kind of slimy seaweed in a jar which Mr. puts on his rice. Ick. The smell goes through the WHOLE HOUSE. Its disgusting.

Any and all women’s perfume. It gives me an instant headache.

Men’s cologne doesn’t have this effect on me and I have no idea why.