What do you find pleasant or comfortable that others don't?

Kind of inspired by this thread, though I was thinking about this earlier:

Is there anything that you find pleasant or comfortable that others don’t?

Me, I’ve always liked basements of big buildings, especially if it’s warm and there’s some ambient noise. There’s a food court underneath a department store near my work that’s on the second basement level, and I go there for lunch once in a while. It’s dim, has low ceilings and the noise of the air conditioners (I assume) overhead make for a constant varying whoosh and drone. Don’t know why but I like it and could spend all day there just reading or thinking. On the other hand, my wife is kind of claustrophobic and hates low ceilings.

In university, I also used to go to study in the basement-level bowling alley underneath the student rec center. Same kind of feeling, though other people thought I was nuts for wanting to study in such a noisy environment. I told them that the silence of a library distracted me a lot more than the noise of a bowling alley.

A lot of people find the smell of gasoline pleasant. I don’t. It makes me sick after just a few minutes. On the other hand, I love the smell of paint, where others don’t. Go figure.

I love cemeteries, just to walk around in, read the tombstones. They’re peaceful and interesting.

I also love the smell of Vicks Vapo-Rub or anything with that strong menthol in it. It makes me happy, for some reason.

I love the smell of rain on gravel. It makes me stop and breathe in as deeply as I can, filling my body with the scent. I find it soothing, and think it smells incredibly delicious.

Yes, delicious. When I was pregnant 14 years ago, I had two cravings. The first was stuffing with lots of sage, and the second was rock. Because I enjoy having teeth, and because I am a relatively sane human being when not being stricken with pregnancy-induced pica, I obviously couldn’t eat gravel, so I resorted to sucking on a small grindstone.

When I gave birth, the pica largely dissipated, but the smell of wet gravel is still relaxing and pleasurable to me.

Freezing cold weather. Like below zero degrees. Once I’m outside long enough for my body to get use to it, I’ll walk for hours in it.

One particularly cold winter the Hudson River froze over and I tried to walk from NJ to NYC, but the police stopped me.

Small rooms. I like the feeling of walls all around me.
Rain noises. The particular white-noise of rain against a window pane makes me sleep like a baby.

I love violent weather. I’m not happy when people’s homes are destroyed by it, but I love to be in my office or my house while torrential rains are battering the building with or without thunder and lightning, cold windy snowy days, or just days when the wind is blowing so loudly it sounds like a freight train and I can look out and things are blowing all over the place. It makes me feel cozy, provided I’m indoors while it’s happening.

The slightly musty smell of a damp garage or basement.
Reminds me of my grandfathers’ storage room, where he kept all his fishing tackle. Anytime I smelled it I knew that I was sure to be fishing shortly thereafter.


I also love the smell of road tar - I mean, it gives me a headache if I smell it and smell it and smell it, but just a whiff is nice.

Thirded on the weather. Give me a good loud thunderstorm. No for the snow.

I like to argue with people. I shoulda been a lawyer.

I also find dentist offices pleasant and they don’t bother me at all.

Oddly, when I was young I had a job as the grill guy at McDonalds and I actually liked that job ! lol Weird, huh? I liked the teamwork aspect and keeping busy. I swear, our McDs was the banginest McDs around. There was absolutely NO WAITING for your food, even if it was special order (grill).

Me too on the violent weather. Give me a good thunder or snowstorm and I’ll be right outside with it.

Chaos. The hieghtened sense of awareness, the adrenaline rush. I don’t get in fights anymore, but man, those were the days. Fear. And overcoming it.

I like it when weather becomes bad enough to interrupt the normal pattern of society. I guess I’m no fan of evacuations, but huge snowstorms that result in everyone being housebound for a few days are really cool.

Also, I’ve never been seasick.

I like skunk scent. I like the smell of bearing grease and gear lube.

I like the dark. I mean really dark; can’t see your hand in front of your face dark. Especially if it’s quiet, too. I once worked on some phone cables in the basement of this huge goverment complex. It was this amazingly vast, dark chamber, with a forest of gigantic concrete columns supporting the buildings. If you turned off your work light, you couldn’t see a thing, and the only sounds were a distant water drip and the scurrying of various vermin. When I took my lunch break, I’d turn off my light for an hour and just sit there. Another splicer came looking for me at lunchtime one day; he and the other guys couldn’t understand why I’d do that.

So, how you doin? :wink:

I like the smell of diesel fuel. I also like utter quiet; and being alone for hours and hours. I like the dark, but not so much in a man-made place but out in the woods. I also like to climb around under bridges and in box culverts. I love to play in the mud & rain too.

When I was a little kid, I used to love to peel my brother’s sunburnt skin off. I don’t think I’d like to do that anymore tho.

Sounds womb-like to me. Comforting. Like being inside on a cold and rainy day with a cup of hot chocolate, bowl of tomato soup and grilled cheese sammich. Heaven!

I like being a temp. I have never had a job that lasted longer than 20 months (I’m 42, and have been working since 18). I like to get into new places and experience learning new skills, meeting new people, learning new industries, and then I get bored with it and move on after about a year and a half (after I’ve mastered it). Nobody cares if a temp has never held a job for a full two years - my nature is a plus in the temp world.

On the wider stage, I’ve always been comfortable with change.

Greetings, Queen of Lubricants! Ha, yeah I love to go out back in the woods these days; there’s a couple of big sinkholes with fallen trees there that are pretty neat. As for playing in the dirt, heh…my ‘garden’ this past spring and an picture of an early stage of my drainage improvement project by the garage. A pick, a shovel and a wheelbarrow makes for hours of good dirty fun. Plus you have to go out when it rains and make sure it’s all working as planned. And fine tune the mud in spots, y’know?

I love the taste of plain antacids like Tums. It’s the taste + texture combo that I find so delicious.

There was a commercial a while back for some “improved” version of either Tums or Rolaids, and the big selling point was “No more chalky taste!” and I was all :eek:. The chalky taste is the BEST PART.

The intersection of human and natural architecture. That point where there’s a hill, maybe a couple trees or a stream, and it juts up right against a building…beautiful.