What do you hate about yourself?

I was thinking about pitting myself, then thought maybe everyone else has some character flaws they wouldn’t mind sharing–which would make me feel a lot better about my own shortcomings.

I’m a major procrastinator. I know I need to do something about this, but I can’t seem to conquer my apathy.

I still get scared when I’m alone at night. This one is tough for me to even share on-line where nobody knows me (right?). It’s true though. It doesn’t happen all of the time, but when I start to think about certain things, I get seriously freaked out. I have even gone so far as to run into another room because I was scared. God help me. :o (that’s embarrassment remember).

I don’t stand up for myself enough. I used to always mask this flaw as being a “nice guy”, but I really have a problem with letting people walk all over me at times. It takes a lot for me to say something to someone, and I realize now that I habitually allow this to happen without even thinking about it.

Well, there you have it. Feel free to share, or play psychologist if you feel the urge.

I’m also a procrastinator.

And I am afraid of loneliness and darkness combined. When I’m alone and in darkness my brain is actively engaged in dredging up the absolute worst and most desparing negativity from memory. A task which it (along with most human brains) is most excelently adapted for.

I have to admit that I’m quite good at not letting people walk all over me. I’m quite good in that respect.

The things I hate about myself are… my drinking habit. My timidness about romance. My shape. The difficulty I have sleeping. Laziness (especially since I know I have certain abilities which would take me very far if I had the motivation

I hate how lazy I am.

I could list other things I dislike about myself, but everything I can think of has laziness at its root.

Thanks for responding Lobsang. My mind works exactly as you described above. When it gets going, it scans my brain for all of the most terribly horrifying things it has stored and brings them to memory. One specifically that continually comes to mind is a special that I watched on the “Zodiac Killer”. I can’t get that masked face that they showed out of my head.

What are your sleeping difficulties? I have those too. I’ve learned to live with that for the most part. I normally sleep about 4-5 hours/night. I believe it is mostly due to an overactive mind.

I am frightened of being lonely - it’s my greatest fear - but I don’t hate it, it’s just me.

I hate that I’m too trusting and sometimes can be gullible. And I hate the romanticism in me. Now this is something that probably shouldn’t be hated, but I envy people who are totally grounded in reality sometimes. I’m too idealistic, and it’s easier to get hurt like that.

But at the same time, I’m not going to try to change it - logically, I understand being practical & realistic all the time has major disadvantages too.

I have no self-confidence, at all. There are a few notable occasions when I’ve actually acted as if I have a spine, but when it comes to face-to-face stuff or, worse, getting up in front of people, I’m a gibbering idiot. I let my fear control me.

I hate my body. I’m ridiculously short, have obscenely short legs, and too much muscle on them. I’m oddly prone to injuring my joints.

And I still have nightmares about an incident that happened six years ago, which I, in my mind, have turned into a horrible personal trauma.

I’m afraid of intimacy, which explains why, at the age of 18, I’ve never really had a real, meaningful relationship.

For some reason, shyness in me comes across as aloofness. I don’t know why I can’t be shy like normal shy people. Nope. No one thinks I’m shy at first. Instead they think I’m confident (ha) but standoffish.

You sound just like my wife. For a long time, we both wanted to change the fact that she was very idealistic and trusting (because she had been hurt so many times), we eventually realized that all of the hurt she experienced was worth it, because she had learned a great deal from those tough times. I’m sure like her, you’re also an incredibly compassionate person, which is what I love about her the most.

That I live.

I hate that I have the bad habit of starting things and then losing interest and not fini

Wow. Thanks. She does sound just like me…sometimes I even despise being too compassionate because I can almost always see every side of a situation, and everything’s one giant gray area. I just think it might be easier to see in black and white.

I have learned a great deal from those tough times, but it’s hard to look back and say “It was worth it”, although the main thing the tough times did was - toughen me.

Thanks again for the kind words, I really appreciate it.

I hate myself completely, or not at all.

Count me in as one of the procrastinators. I still haven’t done my taxes yet… and I’m expecting a refund! You’d think that would give an incentive to do it sooner.

I’m also very unorganized. I was going to do my taxes last weekend, but I couldn’t find the W-2 form I received from my former employer. Luckily I found it today.

I suck at housework. My place is always a terribnle mess and I avoid having visitors because of this.

I’m very shy and socially inept. This is probably why I am 35 and still single with no hope in hell of ever getting another date, much less getting married. Because of this, I lack self-confidence in general.

I’m a pessimist. I alwys anticipate the worst outcome. I feel this protects me from being disappointed, since if thins work out better than I had expected I’m pleasantly surprised.

I’m lazy and a procrastinator, so there. I get grand ideas but can’t be bothered to follow through with them. I expect too much of other people. I have a bad temper.

I am too jealous and I overreact too much.

I’m too insecure.

I never, ever get enough sleep. Even if I have 16 hours, it’s not enough.

I can’t eat enough real food, but I work at a chocolate store and I can’t stop eating that. :\

I’m too messy!

You can’t hate yourself too much, otherwise you would have fixed that problem by now.

Back to the OP. I hate my lazyness, procrastination, and my eternally cramping feet.

I’m a bad procrastinator but really don’t care too much. I get by ok.

I am however very afraid of trying because I might fail and prove myself to be a failure. This has kept me back so badly. There’s a really cute girl next door that I do believe likes me but I just can’t ask her out, instead I play big brother. I can’t apply for the good jobs cause I might blow it so I do data entry. I majorly fucked up college because as long as I didn’t really try I didn’t really fail.

Where’s my Yoda?

I get easily wound up over little things.

For example, this week I had a truckload of scheduling conflicts (due to constantly changing rehearsal schedule) and I was griping and stressing out about it, even though there was a good chance I would be able to sort it all out.

And guess what? Today, I did get all the conflicts sorted out, and everything is going to be fine. But I can never seem to purge myself of that nervous energy, fretting about stuff.

Also, I tend to veg out when I am not absolutely needed for something. When I’m not working/rehearsing, I’m usually vegging out on the computer instead of polishing my resume, or sending out graduation invitations, etc.

I feel I am often just plain obnoxious. I like the sound of my own voice. I not at all a bad person and have redeeming qualities to balance out the poor ones, but yeah, deep down, I know this of myself. Been that way my whole life too.

I hate myself with every fiber of my being, although I often get distracted by other things and it seems like I don’t. I’ve squandered every good opportunity I’ve ever had, wasted a lot of life and a lot of time, turned my back on talents, suppressed every good idea I ever came up with, and let down almost everyone I know. I’m a “nice guy,” which is the only reason I haven’t pushed everyone in my life away. But sometimes I think I should, and we’d all be better off.