What do you have to do to get banned around here?

What is the story on “Nonpolar”? I have seen a few snippets about him being gone and then I saw Banned under his name on some post. What did he do that was so horrible? Did I miss something juicy? :confused:

FYI the mods don’t like discussion of bannings on the board.

They ask that you e-mail one of them if you are curious.

Oh no… :smack: How embarraskin’. (sic) This was my first time ever starting a thread. Please forgive my ignorance mods and forget I said anything about you know what! :o

Just to be very clear: we respect the privacy of our members, even those who are banned, and therefore we prefer not to discuss individual cases in public. If you have a strong need to know, email a moderator, and we’ll share what we can.

In general, actions that get someone banned are violations of the Rules. The main Rule, of course, is: Don’t be a jerk.

We usually have a fair amount of patience with newcomers who don’t know better, and with long-term members who make the occasional goof. Most offenses are handled with public warnings about misbehaviours, so that there is no doubt in anyone’s mind what’s going on. Occasionally, warnings are provided through private email, when the situation warrants.

We do have some situations where there is no prior warning, but these are the obvious ones. People who register to post an advertisement (“Come to my website to buy my home-grown macadamia nuts!”) or links to porn (“Live Nude Dancers!”) get the axe without a warning. People have already been banned for misbehaviour who come back under a new name don’t get a warning – they know what they did to be banned originally, and they know that’s NOT the way to try to return, if they are truly penitant.


Now, closing this.