what do you have too many of?

Not talking shoes, girls. Or anything you collect. I have four sewing machines & I am not a professional seamstress. I just have them.

Hair do dads! Barettes, headbands, pony tail holders, scrunchies, bobbie pins, clips … even a few of those old banana clips!

We used to have 6 gals living at home … now we’re down to just myself and 10 yo daughter. All the rest have flown the coop and left their crud behind.

Another thing I noticed today … I’m the only person left in the house that blow dries my hair, yet we have THREE blow driers plus an old bonnet style drier. I’ll bet we have at least 10 curling/crimping and flat irons, too.

Think I’m going clean this crud out … thanks for bringing this up!

Pens and pencils, paper clips, hair bows and barrettes, hair scrunchies and bands, knee-highs.

Plastic bags, boxes and tins. I always keep them around because I think I might need them one day. I never do, and my boyfriend has taken to secretly throwing some of them out. Of course, I never notice because there are so damn many of them around.

I have to say pens. I have a ton of them, but for some reason when I need one I can’t seem to find any. I hate that.

Books. I packed boxes and boxes of books when I moved from NYC to my parents’ house. Although, I don’t ever think one can have too many books!

I have too many DVDs and videotapes. I’m a television show hound.


Ice cream. I hate stale ice cream so I buy a new half gallon every time I eat cake or pie for dessert (which isn’t that frequent). But I also hate to clean out my freezer. Hence, I have several half-empty boxes of vanilla ice cream sitting in my freezer.

Towels. When I first moved into this apartment, I did a foolish thing and walked away from the laundry room for a few minutes. When I returned someone had stolen every one of my towels.

When I told my friends, all of them came to the rescue and they just piled up. I have bags and bags now, in addition to a full closetfull.

Albums. The vinyl kind. I just can’t bring myself to toss them.

crackers. Yep crackers. Everytime I go to the grocery store I forget that I have crackers at home so I buy some more. No I have like twelve boxes of crackers at home and frankly I’m tired of crackers now so I’m not eating any. Anyone need any crackers?

Bottles of nailpolish and pants.

Things to do!

Musical instruments. I played (mainly drums) for over 25 years, but quit over a decade ago. There’s a damn drum kit in the living room! Another in my bedroom. There a Fender Precision leaning on the wall next to the TV. A pair of Octabons guards the front door while another pair stands by the couch. And I recently boxed up my percussion toys and put them in storage.

I have a bazillion 1-ounce bottles of Molton Brown Ultra Smooth Hand & Body Lotion. Ship me your (U.S.) address, and I’ll send you a bottle and a wee packet of wildflower seeds. Free!

Molton Brown is the best stuff on the planet, by the way.

Postcards and greeting cards with pictures of cats on them, fastened to my refrigerator by cat magnets. People always send me cards with kitties on them b/c of my alleged “obsession” with cats. Having 5 cats and several dozen pictures and drawings of cats on your walls doesn’t make you obsessed, does it?

Don’t answer that.

Rushgeekgirl, love, you can NEVER have too many good linens. NEVER. …

Ringo, I think you need to take up drumming for belly dancers!


Mechanical pencils. I have 14; eight .5 mm pencils, six .7 mm pencils.

Calculus textbooks. I have five of these. Three were purchased, and two were given to me by different professors.

Empty CD jewel cases. I condensed my CD collection a few months ago, replacing the full-size cases with the slimmer versions that are about half as thick. I now have a large box of empty full-size jewel cases under my bed.

Computer science textbooks. There are seven of these under my bed, to the right of the jewel cases. I was a computer science major for two years; the books were always impossible to get rid of, since the same books were never used from one semester to the next.

I knew there was a reason I kept 'em. :wink:

I think my DVD collection is starting to get out of control, as evidenced by my recent purchase of Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure and The Devil’s Brigade. I had pledged to myself that I would only purchase what I consider “great” movies.

My collection is up to about 150, I’m just about out of storage space, and here I am buying mediocre-at-best flicks.

I do, however, have an outstanding collection. :slight_smile: