What do you like that you wouldn't have thought you would like?

And she might have woken up, still drunk, and started driving.

Or she might have been in worse shape than you thought, and she might not have woken up.

We assumed we were helping her get to her hotel. Ever been to New Orleans?

Fine. I should have physically stopped her from unlocking and entering her car?

If you didn’t know she was going to her car, and didn’t help her access it, that’s different. I assumed (incorrectly) that your help consisted of more than helping her off the floor in the bar.

Or you could have just put her in the trunk.

I would have taken her keys from her, and given her a note with my contact info, so she could get them back.


For sixty years I knew snow as something people drove to if they wanted to ski, which I never had the slightest inclination to do (my whole family skied, I didn’t). Come to find out, living in a real winter place – in the country, I must hasten to say, I can’t imagine what it is good for in the city – is full of strange wonders. The utter silence of standing in a forest in the snow. Eating a bowl of fresh snow with maple syrup poured on it, in front of a blazing fire. The glorious beauty of black trees and bright blue sky and pure white everything else. There are downsides, heaven knows. But there are in every season.

Rap music. I would have had been instinctively inclined to say it wasn’t my genre, but it’s the best thing to listen to during a workout. The gangstier, the better.

They used to be served boiled; they were soggy. Then some genius figured out that they should be roasted so they are crunchy. Well seasoned, they are indeed delicious.

You were a gentleman. She was the one who got in her car and committed a crime.

they were also recently selectively bred to make them much less bitter. That, plus roasting, made me a fan.

Apparently, the last few years there has been a breeding effort to make Brussel sprouts more delicios so they do indeed taste better than even 10 years ago.

Brussels sprouts are best harvested after frost, or at least after a significant stretch of cold weather just warmer than frost. The plants bring sugars up into the above ground growth to help keep them from getting freeze damage.

Variety can also make a difference. But I’ve had delicious brussels sprouts 30 or 40 years ago, as long as they’d gotten cold enough before harvest.

There are also apparently genetic differences in the extent to which people taste the bitter compound in cabbage family plants.

And brussels sprouts can be very good steamed or very lightly boiled – the trick (besides having good ones to start with) is to not cook them too long; they need to be still a bit al dente, not cooked into sogginess.

I listen to a classical radio station. Every week, they feature a “Recording of the Week”, which is always an interesting new CD in the classical genre. Except, one week, a few years ago, the recording of the week was “Merchants Lunch” by the Red Clay Ramblers, a '77 disc that is anything but classical music. I don’t know how that disk got onto that station, but I loved it so much that I bought the CD. It’s now part of my music rotation.

Salted caramel. I’d never even heard of it a few years ago when my boss gave me a dark chocolate and salted caramel bar. (Salt? On chocolate? Eww…) I took it home and dubiously offered to split it with the spouse, who also wasn’t sure whether he’d like it.

Needless to say, both of us devoured the thing after the first tentative taste, and we’ve devoured many more since.

Oh, and also the movie “The Empereror’s New Groove.” When I first heard the pitch I thought it would be the stupidest thing ever and I would hate it. Not even sure why I watched it at all–I think I was either bored or was hoping for a good train wreck. Ended up loving it, and now it’s one of my favorite Disney animated movies.


Way back in the '80s there was one movie I really wanted to see, but I got to the cinema too late. Instead of going home, I decided to stay and see another movie I thought was going to be really stupid, but what the heck!

The movie I saw that evening was Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. It was gloriously stupid, and I hadn’t laughed so hard since I’d seen the first Naked Gun movie.

Meant to answer this before but then got sidetracked. :slight_smile:

They pretty much had me from the bathtub scene.


Rush. I had never particularly cared for male singers with high pitched voices, or listened to much classical rock.

Then, when I was about 19 (2002) and working in Jimmy Johns, the campus restaurant had a sweet sound system which we blasted during the bar rush, and my coworker brought in a mix CD of his favorite Rush songs.

I loved it. The intricate guitar work, the drums, the pretentious lyrics, I am all over it.

To a lesser extent, I really like the band Maroon 5, which already had two strikes against it - 1) pop music, which is usually meh, and 2) influenced by disco, and I hate disco. But damn if I don’t love many of their songs, including the stupid ones.

Starship Troopers and Can’t Hardly Wait both had us going after, “Huh. Well that was better then I thought it would be”. Especially Starship Troopers.

Bluetooth earbuds. Previously, I always thought that it was dumb that you have to charge them frequently, when wired earbuds get the job done perfectly well without needing to be charged, and I heard warnings of how their sound can cut out when facing interference from other Bluetooth signals.

Well, over the first year or so of the pandemic I’ve been walking around my neighborhood while listening to music through wired earbuds, and I found that the wires gradually degrade from jostling around as I walk, and eventually the earbuds would just refuse to play sound, not because of anything wrong with the earbuds themselves, but because the wires can’t transmit the audio signal anymore.

It was also quite annoying that the wires were getting in the way of my arms and hands. So one day I decided to take the plunge and get a pair of cheap Bluetooth earbuds (not AirPods), and it has been great so far - no wires inhibiting my movement, good sound quality and while the Bluetooth interference phenomenon is a real thing, it happens much less than I had been led to expect from the stories I read. The only downside is having to charge it every day, but I consider that an acceptable tradeoff.