What do you like that you wouldn't have thought you would like?

It can be anything. A type of food, movie, book, music.

For me, it has to be my latest obsession with metal music. I never used to like metal, but lately, I love metal music, and especially Viking metal.

What’s funny is I never would have discovered a lot of the bands I’ve been listening to without Amazon’s “My Soundtrack” and “My Discovery Mix”. A couple of songs happened to show up at random, and I liked them. And then more showed up, and I liked them too.

Pretty funny.

My MIL wanted to go see Three Dog Night when they were in Pittsburgh last week. I never liked the band, never liked “gimmicky” songs in general, but I’d do anything for my MIL, so we went.

I had a great time!

That’s great! :slight_smile: Do you that has changed you to a fan, or was it just a singular experience?

Just a bit more than single experience. I ended up reading about all the things that have happened to the band over the years. I still don’t like songs about bullfrogs, though.

:joy: To The World.

Visiting Las Vegas. It’s a feast for the senses.

Blood sausage.

Sushi. I missed some good food for a long time because I was sure it was awful. I’ve made up for it since then.

Candied pecans.

I’ve often wondered about sushi. I’ve always assumed I would not like it. Maybe I should get some.

Pineapple on pizza. I mocked and deprecated it for years before deciding I’d better try it. Damn, it’s delicious!


The AMC TV series, Breaking Bad. Having watched over many years through my employment the damage that is done by meth addiction, I resisted watching a program that I believed would glorify its manufacture.

When I finally caught the series during a marathon showing, I was hooked.

Sauerkraut. It’s one of those things that I probably just refused to even try as a kid, because the idea of sour fermented cabbage doesn’t sound appetizing. Then I visited Germany about 15 years ago, and tried some just because they served it everywhere, and I actually like it. Now mustard and sauerkraut has become my standard topping for hot dogs and bratwurst, and I always keep some on hand.

Start simple. Salmon nigiri. Yellowtail. California roll (no fish).

Ugh what’s the point of California roll
Start with tuna sashimi and you’ll know immediately if you love it or hate it.

Because I know sushi-averse people that won’t even try that.

Not everyone is bold enough to jump into the deep end with fugu.

Because it’s like not even real sushi. Might as well have ebi which is a cooked shrimp and some rice.
If BeepKillBeep doesn’t want a huge chunk of raw fish, then there is always tuna, spicy tuna or salmon roll.

Lifting weights.
I had no interest in doing it, was sure I wouldn’t like it, and that I would be terrible at it.
That was almost 40 years ago, and I still hit the gym and lift heavy nearly every day.

The first True Grit movie. I avoided it for years, because I thought it would be yet another formulaic John Wayne western, and westerns from that era were pretty mediocre to boot.

Then I watched it, and I loved it. It was different. John Wayne played a flawed character for a change, and the price negotiations between Mattie and the horse-dealer were priceless.

And I loved the newer Coen Brothers version even more.

Then I picked up the novel and I really loved that. It’s now a favorite book of mine, and I re-read it every year or so.

What’s not real about it? Sushi means vinegared rice. Sure it’s an American interpretation, but it’s an in-road to become familiar with the taste profile of the rice. Then one can try crispy salmon skin rolls or (cooked) eel rolls, and then progress to salmon or other raw fish rolls or sushi.

California rolls (or sweet potato rolls, which I love) are perfectly real examples.