What do you love about your bf

I had to start this, since the “what do you love most about your gf” thread excludes bf’s. :slight_smile:

His romantic side- He’s very very smooth and romantic

His Silly side- I sometimes hate it when i’m trying to be serious, but I do love it and appreciate it.

How he can make me soooo mad, and then make me smile. All in the same minute

How he loves me.

How he puts up with me. I have many mood swings and mixed feelings. And he puts up with all of that

How he at times can be really honest and tell me how he really feels about things I do/wear/say.

I just love him :slight_smile:


“How I can call him “bf” and get away with it.”

I forget which one of my friends said that, but it was pretty damn funny when she did!

Couldn’t help myself…

I love how he holds me.

I love all his ways of showing me he loves me

And I love his jealousy. It sometimes shows how much he cares. :wink:


It was done in this thread.
What do you love about your SO?

I don’t have a boyfriend… :sad:

[sup]Wait a second! I thought I was straight! Oh, crap![/sup]


In that case… My offer still stands Astroboy :smiley: