What do you mean I'm not registered?!

I filled out the form, sent it in over a month ago. I misplaced my sample ballot with the polling location so I called to be told over the phone where it was.

I had to call twice. The first time the girl who answered the phone hung up on me and the second time the girl didn’t give a flying rats ass. “Yeah, you’re not registered. Oh well. Bye.”

Apparently they can’t find any of my information. Nothing. I’m not registered and it’s too late for me to. Goddamn! I was actually excited to vote in this election.

Early voting has begun in most counties of CA. If you can, see if you can go to find out more about your registration status and to so if you can fill out a provisional ballot.

Hope it works out :frowning: but don’t give up!

Color me confused. Why would you get a sample ballot with a polling location on it if you weren’t registered? Maybe “the girl” mistyped your name when she was looking you up or something.

Try looking up your status here: http://www.sbcvote.com/voterregistrationlookup.aspx. You should also be able to find your polling place.

Call 1-866-OUR-VOTE for non-partisan help sorting this mess out, including on election day if you’re stopped at the polls. Tell your friends!