Make sure you are registered to vote

Go to, or, if you are reading this in the dead-tree edition, type into your browser, spend 30 seconds entering your name, address and date of birth, and you’ll find out instantly if your voter registration is current. If not, follow the instructions to register.

Next, click this link or type into your browser, and sign yourself up to receive an absentee ballot for the November election. That takes about two minutes.

Finally, make sure your friends and family do the same. If they’re technology-challenged, help them through it or give them the phone numbers for their states’ elections offices, available here at the U.S. Election Assistance Commission,

Do not panic if your first go-round says you’re not registered. I came up “not registered,” and KNOW I am and even entered the info from the current registration card I was holding in my hand at the time. If you come up not registered, you’ll get a “What do I do now?” option and I chose to have the site check Texas state records, and sure enough, my reg popped up. Another option is to register (again). Our motto in Texas is “vote early and often.”

You also have the option to sign up for an absentee ballot, but I guess this depends on whether your state/county permits them. Worth a try.

Note that an email address is required but a cell phone number is optional (I opted out). And they warn you that you will get communications from them. I have a yahoo address that I used for stuff like this so my main email addy isn’t cluttered up. Suggest if you don’t have a junk-mail address, you gitchyseff one post haste.

I don’t have to tell anyone how important it is to make sure you’re registered. This is a simple way. Or figure out some other way, if this process bothers/offends you or makes you suspicious, but do it somehow.

I tried, but the form didn’t recognise my state.
And absentee voting likely is a non-starter, sorry.

I need you lot to delivery the desired result by your good selves.