What do you REALLY want for Xmas?

Forget the Ferarri, liposuction or the trip around the world. What are the little things that you really really need that you won’t buy for yourself to be given to you over the holidays?

You are allowed one fantasy gift:

Coffee pot with a built in filter
Shelving units from IKEA
Birkenstocks ( Milano, size 37, thank you)

Fantasy gift: weekly massages for a year.

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A really nifty antique sword I saw recently on an online auction or a functioning replica lightsaber I also saw on an online auction.

Okay maybe those aren’t so small.

How about a new nifty saying calendar for next year.

What more could you expect from somebody who lets people kick him to the head?

Gift that I’ll probably get from my dad, because I told him I wanted one, and he would have spent this much money on me & my family anyway: A chest freezer.

Fantasy Gift: A cruise, preferably somewhere in the Mediterranean.

I want a family.


I want for everyone to get what he truly deserves.

I want a cruise to Paris, Milan… and Tahiti.

I wanna Winnebago.

I want peace on earth and good will toward man.

No, thanks, I’m fine…

JMcC from SFCA
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i want a new printer and a scanner for my computer. I would also like a pasta machine and a bread machine.

My fantasy gift would be a new car.

I want a home improvement gift certificate.So much to do so little money to spend.

Fantasy gift…A cruise to Tahiti

If I could have anything beyond reason, I would like a cure for ADHD so my poor little daughter would no longer have to suffer.

My gift to myself this holiday IS going to be a car. My wife and I have gone without a car, because of financial constraints, for three long Cleveland winters. Well, no more: On Oct. 16 I’m getting a big bonus payout at work, and that’s going to be the down payment on a new car.

All I want for Christmas is to be with my baby… I miss her! :frowning:

Yer pal,

jttm; Tahiti is not in Europe…


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A full month of solitude, but I’d settle for a week.

Nikon 950 digital camera (no way)

plane tickets to visit my mom & my kids

higher res scanner

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Congrats Phil!!! What are you buying?

I went without my car for 4 days and thought I was going to go insane (it was at the car doctor getting a new water pump). I live in the sticks where we have no public transportation so I was basically stranded unless I bummed rides from others.

It only took one time riding the mountain bike to the grocery store, 6 miles each way and then trying to carry 4 bags home over my shoulder (including a gallon of milk) to realize how much I love my car.

Something I want but really isn’t a big deal is a better toaster. Mine is a piece of crap but I never remember to buy one when I am out shopping. Maybe if Santa brought me one. . .

My fantasy present would be a life-time, unlimited airline pass. Free flights anywhere in the world, anytime I want, forever. Maybe throw in an unlimited supply of free accommodations such as hotel rooms, car rentals, cruise ship tickets, the works!

Coffee, chocolate, men . . . Some things are just better rich.

I never know what I want for Christmas. I always know what I’m going to buy for other people, but I never have any clue when someone asks what I want.

Best idea: Shopping. Give me an envelope full of gift certificates and an free babysitting “coupon”. I could handle that.
That, or there’s this really wonderful bedding set in the Anthropologie catalog…

Fantasy gift: A housekeeper.

Veni, Vidi, Visa … I came, I saw, I bought.

Man, I don’t know what I want for my birthday, let alone Christmas!

Just spoil me rotten, that will be fine with me. :wink:

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A lavalamp.

I have wanted one for as long as I can remember.

I will buy the damn thing myself this year, and santa can leave it.

Fantasy gift: a snowblower.Or a new bed…I hate that bag of tin cans I sleep on now.

A beautiful, large-breasted woman who wants me.

I mean, c’mon … is that too much to ask for??

Applications accepted at Eutychus55@aol.com. :wink:

Saint Eutychus

(My two front teeth?)

I’d like the GPS reciever that plugs into my Palm IIIx, A new computer desk, and a down payment on a house. :slight_smile:

Fantasy: Amiga to be sold to someone who actually has a clue about what it is and stands for.

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—The dragon observes

I wanna personal trainer

and a housecleaner!!

I want a week in a cabin in McCall Idaho, on the lake. Just my husband, myself, and our lab. (lab=dog :))

Fantasy? We already have money and all the material possessions we need. What I want is for time to stand still. After many years of stupid decisions and immature fuck-ups, I am finally in a place in my life that I could stay forever.

Oh yeah, and to talk my husband into a house keeper.