What do you think about the Republican Party?

In keeping with the precedent that the OP has absolute control of his topic, I insist that there be no commentary whatsoever in this thread. Just vote from the options listed.

Poll coming


I think Michele Bachmann is fairly hot for a woman near 60. I’d also do Christine O’Donnell. If you read this Ms. O’Donnell, just know that offer is on the table.

Didn’t the Republican Party star in a documentary movie called “The Enemy Within?”

Must be a Fox News poll

They’re a little too liberal for a real American like me. The Republican Party is Republican In Name Only as far as I’m concerned.

I miss them. The Republican Party of Nixon, even the Republican Party of Ronald Reagan. The current bunch are so far off the reservation that they can’t be bargained with.

I don’t know why anyone would vote for them. They’re far too permissive.

This poll is quite alike choices you get on local election ballots in the great American Suburbia.

I gather that this is supposed to be a commentary on something, but what?

It’s a riff on this thread, which was in response to the kerfluffle over avatars and a poll in which Czarcasm sparked some discussion.


If they don’t rock they should. Everybody has to once in a while.
Keeps you in shape.

You are being seduced by subliminal advertising. You are responding to the silent “thinking about fucking” between I’M and YOU.

I actually prefer the Chrysler Cordoba for its soft, Corinthian leather.

I think you misspelled.

Shouldn’t it be, “The Enema Within?”

Closing combination joke/attack thread.