What do you think of the Lemony Snicket trailer?

It’s only a teaser trailer, but I was actually impressed by Jim Carrey, and those are words I don’t believe I’ve ever said.

I usually hate Jim Carrey, but he’s suprisingly effective as Count Olaf. The twitchiness and freakishness that I associate with Carrey are Count Olaf qualities as well, I suppose.

But where are Klaus’s glasses?

I read the first Lemony Snicket book at, quite frankly, I think it’s going to make for a pretty boring movie. The ending wasn’t exciting at all.

That’s what I said!

Sunny looks good, I hope they do her right.

I also can’t believe that there isn’t a shot of Violet thying her hair up in a ribbon. Fans of the book would appreciate that and a 3 seconds of the spot would be worth giving up.

Maybe they figured Klaus would look too much like Harry Potter with glasses?

I think Jim Carrey looks pretty good for Count Olaf, but what is with that raptor impression he’s doing in the preview? What the hell? Count Olaf never did things like that, did he? I also don’t like that aggressive harumphing he does at the end of the trailer. Sorry, I don’t know how else to describe it. . .

Apparently, this movie is the first 3 books combined into one story. Goody, now we won’t have to wait for twelve other films after this one. Does anyone else think Madonna would be perfect as Esme Squallor?

My visceral hatred of Carrey kicked in. I would’ve much rather seen Tim Curry in the role.

I think Jim Carrey could work… but I want to know where Klaus’s glasses are (that’s a plot point in several of the books), where Violet’s ribbon is, why they’re the same height, and why from the trailer it looked like he was in the forefront and she was just along for the ride…

BTW, anyone know when the next book is coming out?

I’m going to have to see it if for no other reason than Billy Connelly’s in it.

I guess I have a lot of mixed feelings about the trailer. It’s a downer to see Jim Carrey back to his old jowl shaking self after Eternal Sunshine. I’m really scared Count Olaf will just be the Grinch but not green. It’s really important that he not suck.

I don’t really have anything to add. The sets look good. Violet’s hair looks very Violety but her clothes bothered me. I feel like I must have forgotten a lot of what happened in the first books. There was a little flash of The Marvelous Marriage. Aunt Josephine’s bun was kind of alarming though.

I really agree that Tim Curry would be the perfect Count Olaf. But I would not like Madonna as Esme. I think she would probably be perfect though. Her fake way of talking would really bring out Esme’s fakeness.