What Do You Think of This Tea Party Video?

I just wondered what other people think of this Tea Party video on You Tube. As you can see, they mock an apparent Parkinson’s victim.

My question for GD is simply this, were they justified in taunting him? I know my answer to this question, DEFINITELY NOT. I am in fact appalled by this video. But hey, that is just my opinion. Others are entitled to theirs naturally.

Actually, owing to the obvious rage this piece would create in most people, I would be more interested in hearing from people who support such treatment. Why do you feel that way? Please explain.

Thank you in advance to all who reply:)

The guy in the video admits it was shameful. You really think anyone is going to defend his conduct? Here?

Teabaggers mock man with Parkinson’s

Mea culpa. I honestly didn’t think it had been done before on these boards. Well, in any event, just think of my thread as the more civil, non-BBQ Pit version of it:).

Probably not, which is why we like it here. As opposed to those other places where they feel it is fine to mock people with Parkinsons disease, like on the Rush Limbaugh show.