What do you think of when you see my user name?

If you had to guess my characteristics (age, sex, ethnicity, national origin, etc.) based solely on my user name, what would you come up with? Try to guess without looking at what others have posted.

I’m just curious.

I would think you are probably 30 yrs old and from Hawaii from your user name

Central Asia
Mid to late thirties

A fish? Or a Russian dog? (Oh, yes, and a male, 35+.)

20-something caucasian woman from the US or Canada who is really into shoes.

A medium-sized Russian dog in a space capsule.

(My mind transposes some letters to come up with Laika, which is the closest name I know to yours.)

Now, what does my name make you think of?

Late 30s white person who likes Hawaii.

ETA: Male.

A word of indeterminate foreign origin. No particular connotations beyond that.

To me, looks like a male Inuit name, or maybe Polynesian.

It reminds me of the word “derelict,” and makes me think of a homeless person.

I’m not trying to be insulting, that’s what actually pops into my head.

Made me think of some videogame player or monster name.

A Japanese or Scottish mythical monster.

So… 26, male, white, Missourian (US). Probably St. Charles. Maybe St. Louis.

I definitely think of someone foreign–not necessarily from out of the U.S., but from a culture that uses a different language. I also assume that it’s something like your real name or nickname, not a name just made up for here. That implies someone who did not grow up online, which means you are at least my age (I’m 26).

I also assume you are male for some reason.

Lakai : Lake Baikal

Late teens, trying to impress people or make them notice you?

I thought it was a made up name, that means something to you personally. I haven’t got any further than that.

Vaguely Hawaiianish. Likely female.

A cross between chicken laksa (I’m hungry) and balalaikas.

A lacky, or " lakei". One of those guys in powdered wigs who serve a king in his castle.

I’m thinking dyslexic astronaut dog.