What do you want for Valentine's Day?

What would you want that special someone in your life to get for you this Friday – even if your special someone is yourself?

This Friday MrsB and I are gallivanting off to relatives in Seattle, so it’ll be seeing enjoyable people, drinking their wine, and sitting in the hot tub for us. Assuming we don’t get stopped by the border patrol for being furriners, that is.

I know better than to buy chocolate or ludicrous doodads for my sweetie, but I’ll pick up something else that I hope is meaningful. Flowers this friday are right out-- but I’ll pick up some tulips today on the way home just to surprise her.

I have no idea what she’ll get me-- or even if she’ll get me anything at all, which is just fine.

What are you expecting? And what are you hoping to get in a wonderfully perfect world?

I expect we’ll exchange small gifts and have a quiet dinner at home. Then off to tango class, and perhaps sit in the hot-tub afterwards.
I’d really like some flowers, a backrub, oral sex and a clean kitchen.

Anything ol’ thing from Tiffany & Co. will do.

I would like a card and dinner out.

I don’t even care WHERE we eat. It doesn’t have to be a nice place. Just out!

A girlfriend.

Well, somebody had to say it.

I’d like long stemmed red roses, a box of chocolates, dinner at a fine restaurant followed by a carriage ride with the love of my life Rico. Topped off by making love surrounded by rose petals in a room filled with scented candles.

A girl can dream can’t she?!?!?!?!?!?

i’d like to wake up in my baby’s arms, spend the morning in bed, have a long hot bath together, eat cold pizza for lunch and watch tv while we cuddle. in the evening we’d exchange presents over a fabulous dinner and drinks, before heading home for a night of passion…

and you know what?

that’s just what i’m going to do.

i love my visits to see irishfella, they make up for all the time we spend apart.
18 months together on thursday.

Well, **Duke ** already said it, but a valentine would be nice.

Peace and fucking quiet!

I would like some flowers or a single rose, a simple bit of silver jewelry, either a book or something soft and cuddly, and lots of sex.

I don’t want anything per se, but my boyfriend (who shall now be known as jeremy evil) is planning something. He told me to take care of dinner and he’d take care of “the rest,” and so I made reservations at a nice (expensive) restaurant. Who knows what he’s gonna pull. :slight_smile:

Well, I know what he’ll be yanking on when we get home. You know what I mean.

I personally like fucking loud, but different strokes… so to speak… :smiley:

My best gift on V. Day would be a day with my wife, uniterrupted by work or kids or bill collectors or anything. It doesn’t have to be in bed, per se (though I wouldn’t turn that down), but just time spent with her where I can focus on her without a thousand worldly distractions raining down.

Since that’s right out (we both have to work that day), I’ll settle for a kiss in the morning, sending her flowers at work (already ordered), a date in the evening, and finished off with some new toys I got for her last weekend.

Who says V. Day can’t be fun? :wink:

I’d like my GP to give me a referral, so I can finally get spayed. Fingers are crossed :smiley:

I’d like a Valentine ( preferably human, but as I told a friend, I’ll probably have to settle for my favorite Vermontians, Ben & Jerry). I’d definitely settle for a clean Pap smear, though…but I’ll have to wait until next week for Friday morning’s results. So Ben & Jerry, it is.

And may I say that as the IMHO page popped up again, this thread was sequential with “Tell Me About Your Vasectomy…”

I’d just like all the Valentine’s Day lunacy to go away. I don’t want gifts, I don’t want special treatment. I don’t want my husband to feel guilty when he realized that he missed it again. It’s a silly marketing day and I prefer to ignore it. Well, except for exchanging cards with Dopers - that’s kinda fun.

I’ll be with my sweetie on Friday, but it’s just a coincidence - has nothing to do with Val-Day.

I want…my own Master Replicas model of Darth Vader’s lightsaber, with power f/x.

Either that, or a new spatula. Nothing says “I love you” like a spatula.

The boyfriend and I are are taking what we can get this Valentine’s Day. We tend to have odd work schedules; and we’re both working this weekend, but we’re going to have exactly four hours together… plenty of time for squeezing in a Heavenly Ham dinner, complete with peas and rice and tasty white cake with white icing for dessert.

All of that other romantic jazz will have to wait a bit, but luckily we’re both very patient people. :smiley:

Romantic dinner at B. Brewery----the restaurant has all the dining room lights off and candles everywhere for Valentine’s Day. The chairs are massive, the tables tiny and the pear cider makes me feel very warm and fuzzy. And we both have Sat, Sun and Monday off!