What do you want to happen and what do you think Will happen?

Lets hear it, what do you want the US to do about this whole mess and what do you think will actually happen? This is what everyone really is wondering…are we all going to die in a bloody conventional war turned nuclear or will the US be able to stop the terrorists first.? How can we fight against people that have no value of life? Should we annihilate the whole bunch of them? I’m all ears…

What I’d like the U.S. to do? Easy answer: win.

Oh, you want details, okay.

I’d like the U.S. to receive exceptional assistance from our friends, allies, and those-nations-who-don’t-want-to-piss-us-off sufficient to siphon funds away from terrorist groups, not just ObL, but starting with him.
I’d like those “friends” Norway, Germany, France and Italy who’ve already started backpedaling regarding military assistance to have the courtesy to allow us to properly defend ourselves without needless interference or accusations of ‘unilateralism’.
I’d like our special ops forces to be successful in targeting and destroying camps and supplies which might prove critical to the continued acts of said terrorists.
I’d really like our citizenry to recognize that this is going to get worse, possibly much worse, before it gets better, yet still support the aim of suppression/elimination of terrorist activity.
I’d like our military to be smart enough, lucky enough, and propaganda-proof enough to not destroy milk factories.

In short, I’d like us to win.
Now, what I’m afraid will happen?

See above: our ‘allies’ will step back, allow us to take the brunt of the damage, expense, backlash.
The pacifists in our country will gain volume in decrying our aggressive military actions(while tacitly accepting the needless deaths of fellow citizens by fanatics)
Everyday citizens will become sensitized to the violence of war, and internalize it as an American problem, thus adding volume to above.
Our government, having lost popular support, will withdraw international forces. We will move to secure our borders, become strongly isolationist, and allow fanatics to gain footholds and control of major portions of Northern Africa, and South Eastern Asia.

Thus ensuring another world war in our children’s lifetime.

I’d like to see the terminally ill volunteering to try suicide bombing. If I was rich (therefore well-connected), terminally ill (last stages) and had a plane, I swear the “political landscape” would be a bit different by now. Does that sound a little infantile? Well, all right, a lot infantile? Why should it? Think different.

G. Nome, you’re kidding, right?

I heard Schwarzkopf say that we do NOT plan to repeat what the Russians did with the Afghans, he said to expect something completely differant…I’m not sure what he was getting at exactly but he said we would not be pounding it out on the ground there, it would be too hard a campaign to fight. Maybe air strikes followed by Spec Ops…

No, I’m not kidding. I’m honest. I think I was born pathologically pro-active but my parents did something when I was young to thwart my predisposition in some way. There is sometimes a thin line, though, even for “little people” between wanting to do something and actually doing it. I have a target in mind, you know. It’s a thing rather than a person or a building. It has something to do with Gene Pitney.