What do your pets do when you are making whoopie?

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So how do your pets react when you and you SO are making love? I had a black lab with a…rather high libido. When my GF of the time and I were going at it, he would get all hot and bothered and start humping the nearest pillow (on the floor). My GF laughed her head off when she saw his huge erection, replete with canine bulb.

My Bichon gets off the bed and crawls under it! (He usually sleeps with us.) The other two ignore us. (They’re already on the floor.)

My cats generally sleep in the other room or prowl around on the floor but occasionally they feel the need to jump up on the bed and find out what is going on. Luckily this is pretty rare, otherwise they would have to get shut in the bathroom when my boyfriend and I are getting it on because nothing kills the moment like claws in your bare ass.

I don’t own any pets myself, but a couple years ago I rented a duplex with my step-sister and her husband (boyfriend at the time). They both work out of the home, so it was rare for me to have the place to myself. They also own two black cats. Well, they were out of town one weekend, and I was in bed enjoying my alone time, if you know what I mean. I hadn’t bothered to close the bedroom door, and my eyes were closed. I opened them for the first time, still in the middle of things, to see both cats perched on the foot of the bed, staring intently at me with huge yellow eyes. It freaked me out so much that I couldn’t continue, and I always closed my door for “alone time” from then on.

Most of them stay away, but my cat Pi will sometimes come and sniff my hair or try to snuggle up against me. My boyfriend usually pushes him away for fear he may try to bat at dangley things and because he’s distracting. The youngest cat, Luna, will sometimes lay on the unoccupied part of the bed and roll back and forth. I think they both just want attention and they are pretty much the only cats that will venture onto the bed when the boyfriend stays over.

The cats usually just move to the far corner of the bed and try to ignore us. On occasion they have taken a calm moment to come over and lick my feet.

The cat operates the camera while the goldfish give direction. I need to get a dog so he/she can hold the boom mike.

Are we the only ones who kick the cats out of the bedroom? I mean, geez, it doesn’t bother you when they stare at you?

Not true. There are other places claws can end up that are even better at killing the moment. :eek:

Staring’s ok, as long as they don’t point and snicker.

We tried to kick the dogs out, but they stand outside the door and bark. They’re less distracting inside.
They’re no trouble during, but after our male dog wants to howl with me.

Cleo hangs outside the bedroom door and howls while throwing herself at it. I’m surprised Sami doesn’t join in by banging all of her toys about :dubious:

I tell you what. Once you feel a wet nose up your ass when your making love to your Lady; you learn real quick that the dogs stay outside.

You sure that was his nose? :smiley:

The dogs aren’t allowed on the furniture and, besides, our bed is really too high to jump up on. They usually just curl up on their beds until we’re through. There’s nothing like a snoring English bulldog to really heat up the moment.

The cat is curious but skittish. She’ll often jump on the bed during the makeout portion, but as soon as the movement gets too much she jumps off and hangs out under the bed.

Our cats seem to ignore it. Mr. Neville assures me that they don’t know what we are doing. I really hope they don’t- it would bother me to have them watching if I thought they did understand.

When we first got them, we shut them out of the bedroom. From the sounds we heard, I think they built a kitty trebuchet to hurl themselves toward the closed bedroom door.

The pets go outside. My GF thinks of them as like children and doesn’t want to corrupt them. Myself, I just don’t want the dog taking a nap on us.

But the dog will often bang on the door while scratching herself. That’s pretty funny. whap whap whap whap whap whap whap whap whap

Our (fixed, female) Beagle, Tara, who sleeps in the bed with us, just hangs out somewhere else. But she has learned the “we’re done” sounds, and will sometimes be up on the bed within seconds of us rolling apart. She doesn’t care, she just wants to go to sleep. :slight_smile:

Tara is my SO’s dog, and when I first started spending weekends at his place (we live together now) she would often just lie at the foot of the bed while we were going at it. We used to joke that the dog was judging us: “For difficulty you only get a 2.4, but nice dismount.”

We plan to get a puppy sometime in the next 3 months, and we hope that Tara teaches the new dog the same respect for our noisy time. :wink:

Our old Collie once watched us intently for about 5 seconds one night then turned around and started gagging. It’s not so much a mood killer as an ego killer when even the dog gags watching you have sex.

I’m pretty sure that animals can figure out what you’re doing. I don’t have a pet that runs around unsupervised, but even if I did, the critter would not be allowed in the room during sex. And any animal that freaked out and misbehaved would be crated during that time.