what does All Your Base Are Belong To Us mean?

Just kidding! :slight_smile:

I bet that got a few hackles raised, didn’t it? Huh? Huh? Didn’t it? Huh?

As I believe the young people are saying these days: “Psyche!”

Man, I gotta get a life…

Mods, please have him executed. Thank you.

It’d be funny if the AYBABTU thing wasn’t completely dead. I suspect Coldfire to come along anytime with a rusty kitchen utensil and gouge your eyes out…

I feel so stupid, but I do live under a rock.
What the hell do AYBABTU MEAN!?! I’m sick of hearing it!

Woodstockbirdybird, I’ve already been virtually executed under the name NewbieOfNewbies at RebelAct, (check it out - death by smily), and it didn’t stop me, just made me stronger. I’m now going off to the Trek boards to ask if they think Star Wars is better. MOOHAHAHAHA!

(vanishes in puff of oily steam)

Gahh! Death to the troll!!

::Gathers villagers with torches and an assortment of poke-sticks::

“Burn the bridge!”

“Kill the troll!”

Never try anything like that again. I mean it. If you do you will have no chance to survive make your time.

[hijack] Was anyone disappointed that they used AYBABTU as a Wierd Earl’s so late in the game? [/hijack]


Let him…DIE!


Kill him, too!

Seriously, knock that shit off.

Alright, alright, SORRY, okay? I… I think I’m drinking decaf.

Testicles, actually. And li’l Ross here has to perform the surgery himself. Have at it, smarty pants.

So, what shall we do? Close the thread, or leave it open so the villagers can have a go at him some more? I hear he weighs the same as a duck!

With a username as fey as Ross, I feel sorry enough for him already, Coldy. Put 'im out of his misery.

That’s soooooo 90’s. :stuck_out_tongue:

90’s? Damn, it was old in the 80’s. :slight_smile:


Sweetheart…do a search. You will find all the info on this that you need to know, okay? Good luck in not getting evil looks from assorted moderators.

um…I already did a then I felt ever more stupid (if that’s possible) for doing the search AFTER that first post.
Some days, it amazes me that I made it to 30.


It’s okay, really. I just hope you can escape the evilness of the mods. slight smile

smile grows more evil So, what ARE the words that end in -gry, anyways?

I don’t know. I’m still trying to figure out how to drive on a parkway…
Ducks for cover

don’t know the -gry words, I’m still working on the Mr. Ed thing.:wink:

After years in hiding, the third word ending in -gry resurfaced here, at the SDMB, in this thread.