What does b*** mean?

A direct quote from the Votemaster this morning:

Can someone enlighten me as to what it means? My wife suggested “ball” but that hardly seems so raw as to require asterisks.


Blow, surely.

Blow for sure - It is an ancient meme to say the girlfriends give BJs; wives do not.

Could be ‘bang’ too but ‘blow’ conforms to a common joke form.

Yeah, you’re right.


And uh…memes aren’t 100% reliable.


There’s an ancient joke with the punchline, “and the bride said, ‘I just gave the last blowjob of my life.’”

I’ve also heard the joke that the difference between a wife and girlfriend is the GF swallows.

It can only be blow. Old, old joke.

All right, I feel dumb now.

Has anyone mentioned “blow”, yet? :slight_smile:

Heh. I haven’t heard “ball” in this sense in a long time. Other than that fact, it doesn’t make sense since, presumably, while times are a-changing, reproduction is still an important part of many/most marriages and that usually requires balling/boning/banging of some type, but not blowing.

Since the obviously correct answer has already been given, let’s move this to IMHO.

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I always heard the joke as:

Q: Why are brides always smiling?
A: They’ve given their last blowjob.

Q: what’s the difference between a job and a wife?

A: After twenty years, the job still sucks.

Who said this? Other than a blowjob, what the heck is this about?

Here’s the relevant context. It has to do with Farenthold.

Same vote here. And while I didn’t read the entire thread to see if someone else mentioned it, it brought to mind the old joke ------ What is the difference between a bad job and a new wife?

After a year the job still blows.