What does 'grundle' mean?

In the movie Dodgeball, there’s a scene where the dog is sniffing into Vince Vaughn’s crotch, and he wakes up and says, “Bad dog! No grundle!”

I can generally get the idea, but what *exactly * is grundle?

Grundle is synonymous with ‘Taint’ and ‘Chode’ [alt: Choad]. Literally, the skin between the scrotum and the anus. Clinically speaking, ‘grundle’ is much funnier when paired with ‘taint.’ i.e. “I’ve got a bugbite in the taint and grundle area.” Clinically speaking.

Oh god, I hadn’t heard that stupid word since high school, and now I’ve got to try to forget it all over again. Can anybody e-mail me some Mescal?

I thought the taint was the, errrrr, area of darker colour around the anus, and the grundle was the perineum (the line between scrotum & anus)

They’re all the same where I’m from. Quolloquial terminology may vary.

Never heard that term for taint.

All I ever heard was, “taint your balls. taint your asshole.”

Check it out at urbandictionary.com. There’s seven damn pages, most of it agreeing with ‘synonymous with perineum.’

Maybe it’s “'T ain’t your balls, 't ain’t your asshole.” Possible?

I always got the impression that a choad was a penis that’s wider than it is long.

…yeah, I don’t know either. I was pretty certain that’s what it meant, though. I’ll go now.

~ Isaac

Um…thank you everyone.

I can’t believe I’m using my 5,000 post to thank Dopers for defining grundle. So instead, I’ll use it to invite Hung Mung to the boards, as I see you’re still a guest! Join us…we’re addictive.

Anaamika, congratulations on your landmark achievement.

FWIW, I had always heard grundle to mean a large quantity of something, as in “Wow, Anaamika has made a whole grundle of posts since she signed up!”

Has anyone else ever heard of this meaning?

We always called it the “baunch”

Hanta & Grundle? I think they were two kids that found their way out of New Mexico by following deer mice droppings.

Somehow, this will make me view David Cronenberg’s The Fly in a different light from now on.

:smack: Never mind.

Don’t go! That’s what the urban dictionary says too. And the movie Orgasmo, and and…

Thank god for that - I’d be so mortified to discover that I’ve been misusing the word all these years.

As an aside, Orgasmo is a great movie, and I completely trust what it has to say.

~ Isaac