What does Moses look like?

This came up in another thread, but I’m reasonably sure that Charleton Heston will win.

If it were someone from a film, it would probably be the animated chap in The Prince of Egypt. But, youngish (in his 40s), dark complexion, dark hair and beard (Heston is much too white), a bit cross and impatient. Possibly with horns. :smiley:

I picked “other,” not because I’m an ass, but because I don’t really have a mental picture of Moses. (I’ve never seen The Ten Commandments, and I don’t really have mental images of historical, legendary, or literary figures that we don’t have official portaits of.)

Although I may, in fact, be an ass.

Mel Brooks.
“I bring these Fifteen (crash, oops) … Ten Commandments!”

Interesting, because Michaelangelo’s statue isn’t up there as an option. Maybe people aren’t as familiar with it. Nor are Gustave Dore’s illustrations.

Nor Burt Lancaster (who played him in a TV miniseries) nor the image from the cartoon Prince of Egypt. There really are more pop-culture icons than the OP allows.
I would’ve chosen the third option, but I refuse to say I’m an ass. The comment is odd and uncalled-for.

Almost all major male historical figures look and sound like Charlton Heston. The ones who don’t look and sound like George C. Scott.

Interestingly enough, I was trying to decide which of those two options to choose when I saw your post. I decided to go with Dore, mainly because of Mike’s horn fixation.

I marked other because I don’t picture Moses looking like anybody.

Why no South park choice?

Dudley Moore.

Saw a photo of an old bedouin guy that was taken either late 1800s early 1900s, that is what he looks like to me. Gnarly old dude, about 70 or so.

Does he look like a bitch?

I picture an old man with a long white beard, even older than Chuck Heston.

OTHER: He looks suspiciously like the Master Control program from Tron.

Charleton Heston or the MCP from Tron.

That’s my first thought, too.

Donald Sutherland.

He had a beard. Also sandals.


Probably a little like this.

BTW, it’s Charlton, not Charleton. :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree with older than Charleton Heston and gnarley dude. Very white-headed / bearded.

Can we suppose his toeses are roses? If not, why not?

He looks like the Moses in the Master Hugo’s 1135 manuscript Bible of Bury St Edmunds at Corpus Christi College where he’s explaining what animals we don’t eat.