What does Netflix have that Hulu doesn't?

I’m thinking maybe I don’t really need both. For those of you who have Netflixed and Hulu’d, can you think of anything other than physical discs that I’d be missing out on if I just kept Hulu?

Netfix has a better movie selection. It also has a better tv stuff as well. But unlike Hulu, it’s TV stuff is going to be at least a year (or last season) old.

In my world Netflix has a way more dependable service. But I hear people’s experience varies with that.

My service with Hulu got so bad I actually had to cancel their service. Which is a shame because I like the product, it’s just I kept having too many technical problems with them.

If you can watch Hulu with out the technical issues; I think they are both worth having.

No commercials on Netflix streaming, Hulu plus still assaults their viewers with advertising

Screw that, I hate ads, so it’s Netflix for me

I watch on laptop computer and the quality on Netflix is much better than on Hulu or “let me watch this”. “Let me watch this” has more up to date episodes but it is slow to download, has a lot of annoying ads and doesnt play well with my copmuter. on the plus side I can watch True blood the following day.

Netflix may have holes in their tv line up as well but it tends to be whole shows or seasons. hulu has some from column a and some from column b.

Sometimes Hulu will only have one or a few episodes of a series, while Netflix will have the whole series, including multiple seasons.