What does this mean (girl related and kinda long)?

Ok, so, I met this girl at one of the clubs that we have around here a few months ago. She seemed really nice and we talked a bit (about as much as you can expect with music blaring etc.). Anyway, I got her name and we danced a bit. Fast forward to a few weeks later, and I’m back in the same club. I saw her and she recognized me and remembered my name, and again we danced for a while. This happens a few times where I run into her, and she only seems to want to dance with me. Anyway, last week, I finally got her number, and I’d figured I’d call because I’m on a break from school for the holidays and I’d be in town and so we could finally hang out. I called the day after I got her number, and only got her answering machine (I didn’t leave a message). I called the next day, and again only the machine (again I didn’t leave a message). Finally, I called the next day and her mom answered and said for me to call back later. I called later on and no one answered (no message). I haven’t called back.

So…what’s going on? Should I have left a message? I’m so clueless as to how this works and I don’t want to come off as a psycho to her. She seems nice enough and didn’t hesitate to give me her number, but she’s not picking up when I call. What’re you all’s thoughts?

Call again and leave a message (assuming you don’t actually talk to her) telling her that you’re in town during a school break and give a number where she can reach you. Then think about other things.

Good luck!

Definately call her again and leave a message. If she has a cell-phone try text messaging her.

Let us know how you get on!

Alright, kiddo, first mistake: if you call and a machine picks up leave a message. Some people get spooked if they get a bunch of empty messages, OK? It doesn’t have to be complicated, just “I’m [your name], we’ve danced a couple times at the club, I’m in town and I’d like to spend some time with you. Here’s my number: [your number]”

Then wait.

If she’s interested, she’ll call. If she’s not - well, you’ve got a nice dance partner and maybe that’s all she’s interested in. But if you hang out and dance with her maybe you’ll meet some of her gal friends.

what Broomstick said.

FYI, a lot of people have caller ID so their machine will keep track of who called. Kind of spooked me the first time a buddy called me back and said I had called (no message left).

Some girls screen their calls. Even if they know only friends and family have the number, they screen-screen-screen!

I call and say, “Hey! It’s [me]” then I wait like 3 or 4 seconds… and usually she or her roommate pick up the phone. If not, i continue “Just calling to say hi. See you at [wheverwe go a lot]”

Leaving a Dead message (with annoying recorded beeping) is not good phone-iquette.

It’s the holidays. There is a VERY good chance that she isn’t actually home to hear the phone ring, and if you don’t leave a message, or a phone number for her to reach you, how on earth do you expect her to be able to call you back and talk to you??? I think there is a very good chance that this girl ISN’T psychic! Call back, leave your name and phone number and wait.

BTW, not everyone screens calls on their machines! Heck, I have an answering service - I couldn’t screen calls if I wanted to, since I don’t have a physical machine!

Call back. Leave a message (with phone number).

Just because the phone rings doesn’t mean someone has to answer it. They could be napping, eating, showering or otherwise engaged, talking with a present human…all things I would not interupt for the phone.

Leave a message!!! If you don’t, it means one of 3 things…

  1. You don’t want a call back

  2. You dialed the wrong number

  3. You are a creepy, weird, stalker type

Thanks guys, I you helped alot. I was out all day, so I didn’t get a chance to call her, but I’m going to be heading to that same club tonight. Do you think I should just wait till tonight, see if she’s there and ask her then if she is, or do you think I should call in the afternoon and let her know that I’ll be going tonight, etc.?

Also, alot of the people that posted here said that not leaving a message is kinda creepy for a girl, but I thought that it was even worse to call the next day and leave a message. I was under the impression that girls got more of a desperate psycho/stalker vibe from that. Is this inaccurate (keep in mind that I’m only 18 and this girl is 17 or 18 at the oldest)?

D’oh. By “ask her then” in above post, I meant “ask her what the deal is, if she’s there tonight”.

P.S. It’s good to be back after this first semester. I lurked a bit because I was overwhelmed with work, but I hope to start posting more, now that I know what to expect and how to manage my time.

No answering machine I have owned records no messages. Only if the person waits through the entire message and then waits some time in silence before hanging up. The ones where people wait for the tone and hang up don’t get stored. Maybe us Aussies have better equipment…so to speak.

Okay, calling a girl the next day and leaving a message is just fine…unless you’re a desperate psycho/stalker. Not calling a girl (especially after a real date or encounter) within two days is worse…it sends the message that you didn’t like her. Learn this lesson now, and learn it well…call, and leave a message. Even if you are busy with work. Even if your grandma dies and you have to fly to Arkansas for a week. Even if aliens abduct you. The only time you shouldn’t call is if you are a desperate psycho/stalker. And if she has caller ID and sees your number pop up three times in one day with no message, let’s hope she’s that rare teenage girl who can recognize “interested but really, really shy” when she sees it.

Now ther’s a story behind this post isn’t there?

I didn’t call three times in one day, I called three times in three days. Either way, the advice that you all have given me is pretty straightforward. Thanks :).