What does this mean/ (JLU future episodes, possible spoilers)

In the seen-on-Canadian-TV JLU episode, “Question Authority” the Question downloads 4 tetrabytes of information from an encrypted Cadmus computer and learns all about the link between Cadmus and Presidental candidate Lex Luthor.

I won’t talk about any more than that. But there’s one thing that is a minor but very intriguing plot point: when the Question breaks the encryption, there are the 2 computer folders seen on screen for about 10 seconds with very intriguing windows menus. Great Caesar’s Ghost – does some of this stuff mean what I think it does? If so, I’m so pysched!!!

The first folder has 12 subfolders:
Terporal Flux
Overload (Para.)
Pandora Proj.
Pres. Luthor
Ishershop [W.]
Djinn Bottle
Strategem 5
Paradigm (Eng.)
Quantum Theory

As intriguing as those are, The Question went to the folder marked PRES. LUTHOR and found these babies:

Voter Fraud
Kaznia Crisis (Pos.)
Rushmore A.I.
Comm. Suppression
Hirute Act (Rev.)
Flashpoint - 23
Metawar Dec.
DC Siege - 6 Hour
Oval Office
New Deal - 8
N. Hampshire Reb.
Could It… {Q}
WC Scenario

Here’s what i think I think “Djinn Bottle” refers to the Thunderbolt. I think “Zarathustra” might be a reference to either Captain Marvel or (so Og help me if this is true) a Miracleman analogue. “Pandora Project” could be any number of demon related magic users, esp. since we just saw Abgenezer, Rath and Ghast recently. “BrazilBoyz” may be a reference to a Nazi plot – the Spear of Destiny, perhaps? “Quantum Theory” is most likely related to Captain Atom. “Paradigm (Eng.)” might be another reference to Tower of Babel.

Not only that…

I’m reasonably sure Kaznia Crisis refers to the Ares war suit that was sttolen from the Watchtower and llater destroyed. “Hirsute Act {Rev.}” has GOT to be a Shaggy Man reference – hirsute means “hairy.” “Counter-measures” has got to tie-in with the Babel storyline and Batman’s subsequent betrayal of the League when his superhuman countermeasures are breached. “Aztech” obviously refers to the superhero Aztek – who makes a first time cameo appearance in this episode!! “Flashpoint” may indeed refer to the Flash. “Metawar - Dec.” sure sounds omnious.

Oh, MAN. Am I psyched!

Are you??

About the folders:

[spoiler] Remember what The Boys From Brazil was about - not just nazis, but CLONING.

Clones. Like Tea. Even Doomsday and the Ultimen.

But most of the other directories in that bunch actually seem to refer to the Justice Lords - or the potential that the League and other Metahumans could.

Multiverse, Pres. Luthor, Quantum Theory, Temporal Flux - all have obvious connections. Pandora Project, Djinn Bottle - both could refer to the same thing. ‘Closing Pandora’s Box’ or ‘Putting the Genie back in the bottle’ - shutting down the Metas.

Strategem 5 and BrazilBoyz could be two different implimentations of the PP or DB.

The President Luthor sub folders look to me to be a collection of either a) what they know about the Pres. Luthor of the Justice Lords world, or b) things connected to bringing Luthor into power in the JLU world, and what what he’ll do once there.

To me, Cause/Effect, DC Seige, New Hampshire Reb. (Rebellion?) suggest the former, others suggest neither in particular, and Counter Measures, and Conclusions suggest it’s both. Nothing specifically suggests b, but even the ones that suggest a particularly suggest not-b, to me.[/spoiler]

Aztek actually appeared in the premier.

Is Question Authority the most recent episode that has been shown on YTV? I’ve read some capsules on the remainder of, I guess, ‘season 2’. It looks like it is going to get very, very interesting.

I really hope that WB solves their crainal-rectal inversion and release this as a boxed DVD set.

[spoiler] What I thought was interesting, was the scene in which Luthor appears to kill Flash. If you remember, there was no Flash on the Justice Lords’ earth and it was his death that pushed them over the edge.

It looks like we’re heading into some of the “elseworlds” storylines in which the Metas are rounded up, sort like in the Nail. It also remains me of the Justice League Year one in which the “government” using Jon’s files rounds up the Metas.

In some of the previews, I noticed Superman going into cuffs (again) and missles heading towards the League station; as well as Batman attacking the project…who I assume have stolen his files.[/spoiler]

Damn good cartoons.

While I’m thinking about it…using the brazilboys clue, is Luthor an augmented Clone? He apparently now has super-powers.

holmes [spoiler]I’ve mentioned in other threads that Kevin Conroy says that he has been signed for a 3rd season of JLU. At the rate things are going the third season could very well be called The Justice Lords :slight_smile: . And given some other clues, it may be the case.

In the Task Force X thread, someone mentioned that Michael Rosenblum has had over 50% of his apperances in JLU as characters other than Flash. A capsule for a future episode says something about Superman seeking revenge for a fallen comrade. I’d be okay with it, as long as the final episode is another JL team from another dimension visiting them - that and if Wonder Woman gets back into that hot Justice Lords costume she wore.[/spoiler]

Adam Yak i can’t see Batman going along with it, like his counterpart did. He was able to turn his counterpart, so one would assume with the additional knowledge, he wouldn’t turn at all.

My guess? He’s Darkseid in disguise. Darkseid remains consicuously missing, as the reminded us in this very episode. “Do you know how much power I’d have to give up to be president?” It would just be so presious if the last-ditch plan to save humanity from metahumans was just to clear the field for Darkseid’s takeover.

Evil. That would be great.

** Menocchio** I don’t know. I can see Darkseid sending one of his minions to do it, but such “diry work” seems beneath him. After all, he is a God and doesn’t sully his hands unless it to either make a point or because he has to. He doesn’t have to do the dirty work, here when any number of lesser ‘gods’ could do it.