What does this mean?[language other than English]


Does anyone know what this means??

Veláss có tek ná puó tek i merú ga
Fái ná tá piá sen cá nié du ga
é du gá nié crut cá tác samráss
có tétch cú iéchetérass
có tetchcú

Are you sure that’s real? It seems to have an implausible proportion of accented characters (more than I’ve seen in any other language), and when I searched for several of those worse, this post is the only place they exist on the Internet…

How about some more context? Where did this come from?

I think it’s polish… just not spelled right :s
it’s spelled in a way that can be read as seen… like, for pronunciation.

it’s some sort of poem/love note

unless I got lied too :blush: lol

I also got these with “translations”

I was told that “có tetchcú” is “kitten”
and “có ham tché” is “I love you”

“có tetchcú” is part of that note

yeah, that could work - IIRC, kocham tie (sp.?) is Polish for I love you; ‘Kotietie’ (again, sp.) could well be kitten in Polish.

I meant “words,” not “worse” fwiw :slight_smile:

Here’s some Polish I just made in Google Translate, which looks a lot more like the Polish I’ve seen in the past:

But, I don’t know any Polish at all, so it could be completely valid. I just think it looks odd.

Looks like this is it:


from here

Got it! :smiley:

From another forum, this is what I was told;

The spelling is totally off from what I had…

It looks like someone tried to spell Vietnamese in Polish.

Thanks for the help everyone :slight_smile:

fun factoid*:
the Vietnamese word for cat is “meow” .

  • and almost relevant to the thread, too, since we’re talkin’ 'bout kitties :slight_smile: