what does "tracking blockers" mean? Problem with acorn.tv

I’ve subscribed to acorn.tv for a couple of problem-free years. Now (after they changed their website and became an add-on for Amazon) I’m getting frequent screen freezes with the message “player_err_ timeout”. Sometimes after just a couple of seconds play.

I have done the first round of fix-its recommended by acorn. Cleared history; cleared cookies; tried another browser; restart computer. Without success.

I have another list from acorn, and the first step is to determine if I have any tracking blockers. What are they and how do I find them?

The rest of the instructions seem doable, if I can just get past step 1. I’m to go to brightcove.com and use its debugger, send e-mails, that sort of thing.

I have an HP Pavillion laptop, Windows 10, usually use Chrome but occasionally Edge, Malwarebytes, McAfee, and Saferweb.

Thanks in advance for helping me find the little gremlins.

Sounds like they need a tracker to control the authentication of video delivery. Anything from a simple cookie to some more sophisticated (and sometimes downright devious) mechanism. Normally you would know if you had a tracker blocker - you would have installed it. I use Ghostery. Some of the other tools - like Ad-block perform some level of tracker blocking.

I doubt a tracker blocker is your problem - I would imagine the video would not actually start if it couldn’t work out who you were via some for of tracker.

Thank you. I do have AdBlock Plus installed. I’ve checked Google Chrome privacy settings, and the privacy/tracking setting is “no”. I’ll just send this info the Acorn and let them explain it to me, talking to me like I’m 5.:rolleyes:

A “tracker” allows a website to determine if you have visited the site previously, or a related site. They are used for targeted advertising and partner programs.
It is usually a cross domain cookie or similar. Many people dislike trackers because they lose privacy and anonymity.

Adblocker tools often delete known tracking cookies, so this could impact correct website operation.

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