You either have JavaScript turned off or an old version of Adobe's Flash Player

This is the message I get when trying to view certain, only certain, YouTube videos. I have the latest version of Flash installed and I’m not sure how to check for Javascript status. Can someone explain?

What is your operating system and web browser?

I saw this message yesterday, but it was on a brand new machine that had just been updated with all the Windows Update stuff, including IE7. I followed the link to Adobe’s site and installed the latest version of Flash and it worked.

Assuming your problem is the Javascript, there are instructions here that might help.

There are several other things that can cause that message that have nothing to do with either flash or javascript.

The message is created by the website owner to appear whenever, for whatever reason, the video doesn’t appear. On many sites in fact the message always appears but if the video starts correctly, it covers up the message so quickly that you don’t see it.

Having an old version of flash or having javascript disabled are the two causes that are a) most likely and b) most likely for a non-tech users to be able to fix. So that’s what the site’s message typically suggests is the problem.

But that doesn’t mean they’ve done an in-depth analysis of your machine & figured out the precise cause of the non-video.

At many sites, youtube included, they have rigged up the page to fail if you have certain aspects of the advertising blocked. Since not all pages use the same ads, that may affect which vids suceed & fail.

If you’re on a corporate network they may have blocked some ad sites, or the corp firewall may have the videos themselves blocked.

None of this is definitively the OPs problem, but it provides some more things to think about. If yuo do have ad blocking of any kind turned on, experiment with turning it off.

:smack: WinXP SP2, IE6

Or, just go elsewhere.

I don’t think there is much video out there that is worth the trouble (and risk) of doing this. I just go to another webpage.

Same with sites that have a big flash intro page, that require me to authorize them to run scripts, or don’t work except with IE. Goodbye, website – there are other websites out there providing the same product, without these annoyances.

Agreed as a general policy. I always have flash disabled & if I arrive at a must-use-flash site, I buy from their competition.

Something like youtube, though not to my tastes, is unlikely to have truly dangerous advertising. Annoying, you bet. But if somebody really wanted to see the pix of [insert hot celeb-du-jour] doing [insert embarassing activity], its unlikely that hitting youtube unprotected will result in anything worse than a few dozen tracking cookies. Cookies which will never find their way home once the user reactivates all their blocking.