What dog breed are you?

I’m short, small in general, but muscular. Also kind of goofy, and very sassy. I like to nap a lot and sometimes I’m gassy.

I’m a French bulldog.

I’m a dachshund, naturally, in my heart. I’m just not short.

I want to be a Catahoula Leopard Dog or a Rhodesian Ridgeback.

Basset Hound. Low energy and pretty chill. Very happy to nap and eat treats.

Fiercely loyal to few; intolerant of most; a bark and a bite to induce fear and possibly bloodshed; amusing and playful; impish eyes; and the cutest little butt-struttin’ bod around. Scottish Terrier.

Tall, gentle, smart, and playful. I have long hair and love the cold weather. I can be intimidating to strangers.
I’m a Leonberger!

My friends and I were actually assigning dog breeds to each other a few days ago (yep, this is what life on the edge looks like). I got pomeranian. I have no regrets.

I think that’s a cat.

If I were a dog, I’d be a samoyed. They’re the closest thing the canine world has to being a smartass.

A Siberian husky, probably. Lots of hair, doesn’t mind the cold, startling eyes. Also, needs to have his/her energy directed into something positive or starts to cause trouble. :smiley:

Or possibly another Golden Retriever. Lots of long blonde hair, good with people, and tends to get fat if diet isn’t watched. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m a fat Afghan Hound, then. :smiley:

I’m a short, chubby, wideass, nipping at peoples heels and telling them where to get off. I’m a corgi.

I love all your answers! I will now perpetually see all of you as your ‘spirit dogs’ in my mind. :slight_smile:

I’m funny most of the time. I’m your best friend, if you’ll have me. I’m sharp as a tack one minute and dumb as a bag of hammers the next. I’m a Golden Retriever.

Some type of hound like a basset or beagle. Laid back, sometimes lazy. Friendly, but not very submissive or obedient. Can’t help but follow my nose, wherever it may lead. When I pick up a scent and I’m on the hunt I’m very single minded.

I’m large and lazy, making me a Newfoundland.

I am a boxer. Tough looking, but really a friendly dude.

That’s me, exactly. Plus I like to herd. I can’t stand people just standing around. I find it emotionally agitating. Get along, little dogies.

English Springer Spaniel…I favor tweeds, old port, and a good pipe.