What dog breed are you?

Thinking about this thread led to me wonder, if I were a dog, what dog breed would I be and why?


I’m tall, long-legged, rather lean, have longer hair I’m a bit vain about, and have a narrow face. I’m an Afghan Hound.

How about you?

Your link isn’t working, but I know which thread you meant–I feex:


I think both physically and in terms of temperament, I’d be a golden retriever. I’m a people pleaser, I like to help, I like to fetch information and items for people, and I’m generally fairly perky and cheerful in public, but I can tone that down very quickly to be quiet and sympathetic as the need arises. And I have long orangish red hair and a tendancy towards fat. :smiley:

A Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

One of the shorter worker types, and one with more hair than dog, such as a Catalan shepherd or Portuguese water dog.

(I asked the hair dresser for a wash-and-shear. She had no problem understanding what I meant)

I look like an old basset hound but I have the heart of a greyhound.

I’d be a pitbull. People think they’re scary and dangerous, and maybe a few are, but many of them are actually not so bad. There are people who think the same of people like me, who are a little screwed up mentally - that they’re scary and dangerous. But I think most are pretty decent folks.

An English Mastiff. Very Large, laid-back, a bit aloof with strangers, with a playful heart and a good deal of loyalty to my friends.

…I don’t slobber quite as much, though…

Heinz 57 mutt.

And the next one a youse that sniffs my butt is getting tore up.

I don’t know anything about dog breeds. What type of dog is mean-spirited, ugly, lies in the corner all day and only interrupts his sleep demanding to be fed instantly?

This is I:


A gently raised Rottweiler, scary looking but sensitive and without fear.

You’re a Pekingese.


Border Collie/Black Lab mix/Blood Hound mix. All the worst traits of those three breeds.

Mixed breed with a good dose of bulldog. I do tend to hold onto things once I bite.

I would say a mutt with a god infusion of pit bull. Most dog breeds are far too submissive for me to identify with, a good old street dog would most likely come closest.

Probably a Great Pyrenees. I’m tall, independent and can be aloof, but I’m affectionate with those few I feel close to. I also have fabulous hair and shed a ton. :wink:

Not sure about the breed, but a gender confused one in any case. As a human I’m a male, but folks always tell me I’m somebitch.

I’m a cat.