What Doper’s picture would you most like to see, but haven’t?

Self-explanatory: what with all the picture threads, I can’t help but notice that there are certain people who participate all the time, and others who never have. Whose picture has never been posted, to the best of your knowledge, and is leaving you terribly curious about what he/she looks like?

There’s this mook named** Cecil Adams** that everybody talks about…
Failing that. I’m curious about Rue De Day, in a manly, platonic sort of way of course.

I’m sure I’ve got a pic of him around somewhere… what’s it worth to you?

I know misstee is a redhead, but I’ve never seen prima facie evidence of the fact. I’d also like to know what such Indiana-and-environs Dopers as simply_cats and DazzlingWhiteDiamonds look like, as I may have crossed paths with them IRL and never known who they were.

By the way, I don’t know of any photos of me on the Web. If I ever post one, I’ll link it to one of the appropriate threads.

elenia28 keeps opening new threads in which she apologizes to somebody for not posting pictures, rather than, you know, posting a picture… :smiley:

Apparently she’s having a problem getting pictures into digital format, and, since she’s new to that, it’s a foregone conclusion that she’s also going to need coaching on getting them online.

And yes, in case you hadn’t figured it out, I would like to see pictures of elenia28. :slight_smile:

Good question, Eva. Here are a few off the top of my head, I’m sure I’ll think of more:

Canvas Shoes


Forget QtM what about ElfBabe? I also wonder what Biffy the Elephant Shrew looks like.

Seeker74,here ya go.

I want to know what all the Dopers look like! (Well, except for the ones I’ve already met, cuz I already know. . .) It always amazes me when I meet the Dopers because with very few exceptions, the never look like what I thought they would look like.

Can you tell my kidney’s bothering me today and I’ve already taken a pill?? :wink:

I’d like to see a good photo of Eve. And Siege. I’d like to see Bosda d’whatsis of wherefore. And Lieu. I’m also dead curious about Liberal. Oh, and I’d love to see a pic of Guin to see if we crossed paths at the college we have in common. (Or if she ever checked me out at HellMart.)

Mind you, any or all of said Dopers may have pics online that they’ve pointed to in photo threads, but I never pop up in photo threads because I have no picture of my own to share. I’m unphotographed. I break cameras. Frightening, but true.

Check your email :slight_smile:

If I can figure out where to post a photo without then being inundated by spam, or a site that doesn’t require a password to view, I’ll give it a try. Besides, I’m a sorry speciman anymore.

tomndebb, Lib and Bricker are three I’ve wondered about for a while now, in addition to JODI and Diogenes. Oh, and rjung, milroyj and december.

TeaElle, here’s a pic of Siege at a Gettysburg dopefest. She’s the one in the dark pants. Left to right, it’s skulldigger, polycarp, Siege, and someone who’s name I should remember but don’t. :o

Polycarp smokes? For some reason, that seems to me like Mother Theresa lighting one up :slight_smile:

More to the point, what’s it worth to you to get rid of it.

Oh, alright, I’ll give you…umm…a quarter and two string cheeses.

It’s a very good Merikun quarter, and the cheeses have only been gnawed on on one end.


Hell I’d like to see everyone’s too but I’ll settle for the ladies. Sorry guys :frowning: I like y’all too but it’s just not the same.
Let me see…which of you sweethearts lives in Texas. That’s who I wanna see. Texas doper chicks… where ya at racinchiki BottledBlondeJeanie is that spelled right? How about it Lynn…got any of those shots of you in nothing but…what was it you said? A box of chocolate, panties and a bullwhip?
I gotta see that!
I know she’s not from Texas but Harmless baby…show me what you got. I wanna see that shot where the boys at the beach ran up to ya and nearly fell out, tig ol’ bitties. :eek:

and with a name like PussyCow it’s gotta be good. Come on girl…give it up. :smiley: :smiley:

You been livin’ in a cave or sumthin’? All of those ladies have posted pics .

I want to see:


norinew, you look like Catherine O’Hara in that picture. Very cute!