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This day started out truely wonderfull. I woke up to my clock blinking due to a power outage. When I checked the time, I was already late for work. I grabbed my nextel, and tried to raise my lead at work, and the battery when dead immediately. I email her, then start getting ready for work. I jump on my bike, take off for work, halfway there remembering that I hadnt finished fixing the front brake yet. I make almost to the gate at work and realize I left my name tag at home…cant even get into the lot without it, so I turn it around and head back. I get home, get my nametag, go back to work and find my lead hasnt gotten my email yet, but she’s cool about it. I start on work.

My manager had sent an email about a backup job a special projects group had requested. The guy who normally handles such things is in the hospital, and his backup is on vacation, so it hasnt gotten set up and the person requesting it is getting anxious. Manager send out a request that some one step up and come up with a solution for the backup. My coworker, who is a smart kid, but he was promoted because he had clearance, not because he has experiance, emails me and asks if I would take on the problem. Sure, I’m on the mutherfucker. One of the head IT guys says something in an email about a backup server/DLT jukebox in a network closet in the basement that we used to use for backups(now, normal backups are done for the whole lan by another group), and that we should use that. I go exploring. I find the closet, and discover the servers that time forgot…

Here are two compaq server, and three DLT jukeboxes just sitting there gathering dust. one is shut down, not even hooked up. I power it up and find out that no one knows the admin password, and it wont hit the domain because its been down since before the network was re-segmented. I cant get in(well, I can, but not without really pissing of security). I hook up the DLT from it to the other server, since there were still some backups sorta running(mostly erroring out) on the other two DLTs. I manage to scam a dozen or two DLT tapes, and set it up. I email the manager , and let him know that I can probably get it going tonight.

Manager writes back that he isnt so shure that we should proceed with this, and the original IT guy that suggested this suddenly develops memory loss, and wants to know why we are doing this backup this way, rather than going through regular channels. I give up and go home.

I get home and find I can barely see my house due to the monster weeds growing up around the place…My neighbors are starting to give me nasty looks, and its supposed to rain tomorrow, so I better get it done before it gets dark.

I air up the tires on the trusty garden tractor. Mind you, this is satans own garden tractor. Its an old 16 hp riding mower, that does wheelies every time you let out the clutch and the steering is worn out, and the blade brake is nonexistant so the blades turn constantly.

I put gas in, start it pull out into the front yard, and it dies. I get it start again, after charging the battery, and make one pass, and it dies again. I look down and the tire is flat. I air it up, and figure that the carb is not getting gas. I pull the fuel shutoff, dumping extreme amounts of gas all over myself, and the lawn(no weeds gonna grow there now), and clean a bunch of gunk out of the valve. I manage to shove the valve back in to stop the flow of gas, start it again, and notice the tire has gone flat again. I dump some fixaflat in and make a couple of more runs around the yard.

I now find the free weekly town paper that they so thoughtfully throw into my weeds every week. It made an incredable mess when I ran over it. My now, all the weed spooje is covering the front wheels, and what little steering I was getting when the front wheels were on the ground is now gone, Its all over the place.

Then it dies again. Out of gass. Battery dead. I hook up the charger, go to the store and get more gas. I get back and it is getting dark by this point I gas up, start the mower, to drive back around the house to quit in defeat. and run clean ass over the extension cord that was being used to run the charger.

I discover this when smake starts billowing out of the mower deck from my best extension cord being wrapped around the blades remember, no blade brake…that fact that it was disengaged meand little to satans garden tractor…it will have its pound of flesh,er, extension cord.

I’m going to bed…

I hope your day tomorrow is better… can’t get much worse by the sounds on things

Kinda puts my shitty mood into perspective, so thank you.

:slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Got a black sense of humour. That’s like a one-man 3 stooges show! If it were me though, damn, the house would’ve caught on fire.

Better luck tomorrow!

Actually, that was what was going through my mind when the smoke started pouring out from under Mowerstopheles…Now this things gonna blow up and catch the house on fire…