What emotion best describes your feelings about Trump's victory/presidency?

To narrow it down, this is single-choice only.

For me, mainly worry. Before that it was something akin to angered frustration.

(Poll coming)

Hard to pick but I went with shame. I would be ashamed of the US if he got even one person to vote for him, but to actually put a five year old mind in the Oval Office is the mark of a nation not to be proud of. We should tear down the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, and White House. Demolish Mount Rushmore. We do not deserve nice things any more, we proved that we are too fucking stupid to have them.

Anger. The bad guy who inherited everything he has and spent his life cheating and lying is not supposed to win. I’m hoping this all ends badly for Trump, but not badly for the country.

I, too, went with shame. There is so much that disqualified this man for the office of President out of the gate, starting with the birther bullshit. That such a significant segment of our citizenry minimized his many revolting characteristics is, to me, the very definition of shameful.

I went with “Helplessness”, because there was no choice for “Loss of hope”.

I had felt that electing Hillary would have meant building upon the foundation that had been laid by Obama. The SCOTUS vacancy (and vacancies in the forseeable future) would FINALLY be filled to tilt the court more to the left. I had hopes that fixes to healthcare legislation would move in the direction of “Medicare for All”. Etc. etc. etc.

But, now we’re not going in that direction. Particularly with the SCOTUS, I may never see it tilt more left in the remainder of my lifetime. That makes me very sad.

Instead, even if we get a future Democratic presidency, they will have to expend so much energy fixing the crap that will happen over the next administration(s) that they won’t have any time to move use forward.

Yes, yes, as the saying goes, “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.” But it is long, and I don’t want to have to witness the bad times to come. I don’t have that much time left!

I agree with all you have said here. I could have gone with helplessness as well.

Can’t wait for Kate’s Law and deportation of criminal illegals …

I am a 44 yrs old male from Australia and for the first time since 1980 I feel a sense of safety. The reason for this is that, HE is beholden to NO corporations unlike the previous POTUS including Reagan. The policies these POTUS had were all aimed at making the obscenely rich even richer, while making the poor even poorer. FREEMAN ECONOMICS, haha What a joke. If you give ONE person $1,000,000 some of it will TRICKLE DOWN, if you give 1,000 people $1000 it will all FLOW INTO the economy. But I believe that if BERNIE SANDERS had of been running in the election, He would have smashed TRUMP. Thanks Democratic party. If this is the not right place to post this I am SORRY, I am a bit of a nuffy when it comes to making computers work.:smack::confused:

Hey mate, watch the academy award winning doco CITIZEN 4 to see what Obama’s Legacy to the world is.

I mostly feel embarrassed. It’s a four year long fart.

Shame, I suppose, given the limited choices. But not very much or very strongly.

Mostly it is a mildly disgusted resignation. But then I have a decent, secure job w/ employer-paid health benefits in a very blue area of a very blue state. I can afford to just unhappily shrug my shoulders.

Other than his own, of course.

The first term will fly by, it’s the second term that will seemingly take a lifetime …

I went with worry. I think it’s realistic to believe the country is going to suffer in the next four years and we’ll be in worse shape in 2012 than we are now.

I can see why some people might regard this same situation with fear. But I’m lucky - I’m in a good position personally and I’ll probably avoid most of the suffering on a personal level. That’s not gloating or denial, it’s just being realistic.

I don’t see the point of feeling shame. I voted against Trump so I don’t feel I need to assume any responsibility for him.

I will make this prediction however. Sixty-three million people voted for Donald Trump in 2016. And I’m betting you won’t be able to find forty million people who will admit they voted for Trump by 2020. A lot of Trump voters are the ones who are going to end up feeling shame.

Loss of hope. If this country thinks Trump is qualified to be president that means this country has issues that run deeper than a lot of us realized.

It is like finding out your brother is an alcoholic who cuts himself. This election woke me up to how dysfunctional America is.

Yes. Personally, I’ll do fine. Might even save some in taxes. But dear god, I’m ashamed of my fellow Americans right now. “Deplorable” doesn’t begin to capture it.

I went with horror. I’m still horrified by the people who voted for him, by Trump himself, and by the idea that this bullying man-child will be running the government for four years. Shame and fear are part and parcel of the overall sense of horror.

Disappointment. As in, I’m disappointed that so many people voted for him.

Honestly it’s really driven home to me a reality I’ve long wanted to ignore, which is that most people don’t really care about facts and reason and learning. As a result of this election, I have a dimmer view of human nature (that is not restricted to conservatives.) I have finally been forced to accept that most people are dumb.

*Disgust *wasn’t an option, so I picked something else.

Hey, more of us voted for Hillary. But it’s appalling that he didn’t lose in a landslide.

I put Anger first. But a slow-burning anger that I hope will give me strength & the energy to do what must be done. (That’s contributing to good causes & trying to help Texas Democrats get their act together. I went through that “Smash The State” phase many years ago.)

Bits of Fear (for others more than for myself), Horror & Disappointment, too.

You really need to learn more about the US. Check out Trump’s choices for the Cabinet. Check out the Republican Congress’s plans–they aren’t good for The People.

Bernie lost to Hillary because he got fewer votes in the primaries. Why would he get more votes in the general election?

What fears drove you to this opinion?